Winterizing Never Looked So Good; Winter Bridal Trends 2018

winter bridal trends

As the wildly popular Game of Thrones oft warns us, Winter. Is. Coming. But with chill-busting winter bridal trends like these, winterizing never looked so good! 

For many of you, you will either become engaged in the next few festive months or will be saying I do while the rest of the world looks outside and say I don’t! But if Pinterest proves anything it’s that Winter Weddings can be absolutely beautiful! Remember Phoebe’s outdoor wedding in Friends? 


Hair and makeup trends for winter brides are all over the map and we LOVE it! Check out our take on winter bridal trends in this segment on CHCH Morning Live with our resident beauty guru Shira Ben. Every look is covered (pun totally intended), from dewy natural to matte nude, to the bronze glow with some added trendy pops like metallic or white shades.  The eyes are covered too (yep, we did it again), with looks ranging from smokey to pale, and the lips get their moment in the spotlight with neutral, bold or gothic hues. There is literally something for every face and tone. As self-diagnosed #makeuplovers this gives us the chills in all the right ways!

winter bridal trends - makeup


Winter bridal trends continue to wow us with the dresses. Intricate lace, voluminous ballgowns, and modern lines are represented, with added details like sleeves, high necklines, and feathers. Topped with accessories like faux fur shawls, leather jackets and, dramatic capes you can be sure to find a style that brings your bridal vision to life and keeps out the chill. Brides Magazine UK recently listed their top 50 choices for winter bridal gowns and we literally had heart palpitations trying to pick our favorite from the bunch (spoiler alert – ALL OF THEM!). Another Winter trend we can get behind? The two Groom Look! This year The Knot predicts that Groom’s will get in on the two-outfit idea and we LOVE their suggestion of a velvet suit jacket! As for the bridal squad think “dark, moody, florals” says The Knot, but don’t shy away from big, bold patterns. 

Winter bridal trends- gowns


Winter bridal trends for decor seem to be either cozy, illuminated, naturally elegant, and fun or a mix of one or two or all of those themes! Going cozy? A basket of blankets and a cute sign (check out this one at Bridal Guide) at the entrance seem to be the go-to, along with a personalized warm beverage like this one from Martha Stewart. For the illuminated ceremony and reception, think tons of candles, tea lights, and string lights to help beat the chill and (more importantly) provide a flattering glow. And the natural winter wedding trifecta? Think winter greenery, acorn accents, and simplicity. As for the elegant winter wedding, it’s all white, crisp, and sparkling with plenty of crystals and candles like this winter wonderland featured on Bridal Guide.com

So fear not the winter flurries or chilly temperatures! Winter weddings can be just as fabulous as their more popular seasonal counterparts. Especially considering the winter bridal trends we so helpfully cataloged for you! From the fashion to the makeup to the décor, winter weddings have a theme or style that can appeal to every bride and groom out there! Check out our range of services HERE and let us be a part of your winter wedding wonderland.

Also, the outfits on these tots below make us seriously consider polygamy! 

To see Founder and Lead Artist Shira Ben discuss winter bridal trends on Morning Live click the link : https://www.chch.com/winter-bride/


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