Will Meghan Markle be a Modern or Traditional Bride?

The countdown is on until Meghan Markle shows the world what she’s been planning for her bridal look and we CAN. NOT. WAIT.  There is much speculation around The Beauty Movement office as to whether or not Meghan will add some modern edge to her bridal look or, stick with the more traditional vibes that we are used to seeing at royal weddings.   

A traditional gown and long veil would be absolutely stunning on Meghan, as she has always been able to sport white and look extremely chic.  Since the announcement of Meghan and Prince Harry’s engagement she has certainly stepped into a more royal role, and has been the picture of perfect eloquence ever since. This makes us think that she will stick to the royal expectations when it comes to her bridal and wedding choices.

We are also curious to see what Meghan chooses for her bridal bouquet, as some brief investigation reveals that most royal brides stick with neutral ivory hued bouquets.  We absolutely love blush hues this season and think they would be particularly flattering against Meghan’s features. We might have to let go of the blush floral dreams for now if our girl sticks to the royal traditions.

We are also eager to see if Meghan becomes a modern day Grace Kelly.  Meghan seems very eager to step into her future royal duties and we are all wondering if she will give up acting entirely (like Grace did) to focus on her philanthropic royal career instead.  No matter what she chooses we are completely sure she will be doing it in style and with elegance!

Do you follow the royals?  Are you going to tune in if they decide to televise Meghan & Harry’s wedding?


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