Toronto’s Best Hair and Makeup Team: Client Spotlight


Toronto's Best Hair and Makeup Team: Client Spotlight

We love every minute of what we do and want to show you how we stay true to our vision: Our experience, our passion, and our talent ensure your beauty vision comes to life - highlighting a flawless, fabulous YOU.

First up in our client spotlight with The Blush Parlour, Toronto's Best Hair and Makeup Team, we are looking back  toward brighter days and times with our beautiful #blushbride Megan K.

Having met at work in 2015, Megan and Steve finally understood that they were in a relationship when they realized they were trying to keep it from their colleagues! A few years later an engagement at Blue Mountain, complete with candles and rose petals followed. The wedding took place at The Doctor’s House and ended with a mini-moon in Niagara Falls, though they both are dreaming of a sunny, sandy destination in the future.

Our talented artists Niamh, Jazmin and Jess worked their magic, and the results speak for themselves! In keeping with the classical/romantic wedding theme, the looks were soft and natural, highlighted with blush tones and a dewy glow. Although with slightly varied finishes in the back, each of the bridal party hairstyles were framed out by cascading waves, loose waves.

Having the bridesmaid's hair look similar in style helps to compliment the uniformity of the dresses, which Megan had found at Lulu’s even before she got engaged! And we LOVE that the bride's hair is also the same! It really pulled the overall look together and made some for lovely photos, which Livi Shaw Photography certainly delivered!

It was a delight working with Megan and her squad on her BIG day. And from being totally comfortable in each other’s presence, to making each other laugh, to morning kisses, Megan and Steve are definitely looking forward to their happily ever after.

And their advice for newly engaged/married couples? When you’re fighting, remember it’s not you vs. your spouse, it’s both of you vs. the problem. 

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