To Airbrush or Not To Airbrush (hint – yes!)

The debate on the street (actually, in the beauty studio) continues … what are the benefits to airbrush makeup versus the good ol’ fashion liquid?

First off let us preface this post by mentioning that airbrush makeup is not for everyone, if you have a very dry skin type or a mature skin then airbrush can look a little flakey. However, if you’re a good candidate with a normal to oily skin type then airbrush is definitely for you! 

Pro # 1 

Airbrush is a technique whereby makeup is sprayed onto the face as opposed to applied with brushes, fingers and sponges. This means it feels really light going on/ If you’re not a big fan of how a liquid foundation feels on your skin you will LOVE airbrush. It feels so light and airy you will barely notice that there’s anything on your skin.

Pro # 2

It keeps shine at bay for a lot longer than traditional makeup. If you are prone to shine, then airbrush will help ☺ Its formula has a higher silicone content which makes the foundation capable of staying matte and soaking up oil.

Pro # 3 

It lasts a lot longer. Traditional foundations have definitely come a long way and will look fab for many hours too, but airbrush has the upper hand when it comes to longevity and will look fresh and flawless for a few hours longer than its liquid counterpart. 

Pro # 4 

It looks GORGEOUS in pictures. Whether it’s your wedding, a fun event or a selfie-taking marathon, airbrush looks even, smooth and flawless in pictures. The main reason for this is because of that pixelated spray application = no streaks or uneven blending.

So what does it really come down to? We think Airbrush is a FABULOUS alternative to the regular foundation; providing light, full coverage, with incredible staying power and FLAWLESS photos. Never cakey or overdone, you’ll get a perfectly smooth complexion with just the right amount of glow. #bridalglamgoals all the way!

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Photos: Life’s Reel Photography
Florals: Art in Bloem


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