Toronto Hair and Makeup Services during Covid

Toronto hair and makeup services during Covid
Find out how we are committed, as ever, to keeping you safe and fabulous


First off, we want to say welcome back!

We absolutely LOVE our jobs and the wonderful clients who come with it, and while things may look different, we are so grateful that you are still thinking of us, booking us for your hair and makeup services during Covid.

Your safety and that of our artists is a top priority at TBP. Read on to find out how we are committed to health and safety and fabulousness during Covid!



We will be implementing a mandatory screening for all of our Blush Babes to answer prior to hair and makeup services during Covid.

Note, we will also screen each of our artists before each booking also and can provide a copy of the screening if you would like.

The usual questions about overall current wellness, temperature, travel & Covid contact tracing will be asked.

Masks, of course, are mandatory!


Appointment Timing:

To allow for additional cleaning and sanitizing during hair and makeup services during Covid, all appointments will be longer by about 15 minutes.

And not to worry, we will work with you leading up to the appointment to ensure we are scheduled properly so your appointment and schedule will go off without a hitch!


New Makeup Rules:

Mascara: Due to the nature of mascara and how close it is to the eyes, we will ask you to please bring your own mascara. We, of course, use disposable wands but we don't want to risk contamination on the off chance a double-dip occurs.

Lipstick: The same rules apply to lipstick, we do use disposable applicators but we are committed to extra caution for your health and ours!

Shop opportunity: We have our very own signature TBP Mascara and Lipsticks for sale if you want to treat yourself to something new!



For all hair and makeup services during Covid, Β appointments will require the proper spacing to ensure limited contact between bridal party members and artists.Β Please be sure your getting ready location is able to accommodate multiple artists and clients (if required).

Not sure what that looks like? Feel free to message us with your space details and we will help lay it out for you!


Additional Safety Precautions:

For all hair and makeup services during Covid, all Blush Parlour team members will be wearing masks and shields during appointments. Hand washing will be mandatory before, after and during the services and each artist will have hand sanitizer in their kits.

Please be in touch with us should you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hi πŸ™‚

bridal party hair and makeup during covid

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