The Sleepover Grows Up

And so it starts…

It starts when we are little girls. That first sleepover. The one where we got giddy and excited to hang with our besties, played dress up, did our hair and if we were really lucky (and had truly understanding parents), put on real makeup. We would get to sip bubbly Ginger Ale and talk which Disney princess we were most like and what our little girl dreams were. It was magical.

And so it changes…

The sleepover changed as we got a little bigger, eventually, boys would enter into the fray, and sadly, sometimes, mean-girls. There would be homemade facials and cootie catchers with our dream lives and boyfriends laid out for us. Then as we got a little older the sleepover became less magic and more necessity after a night on the town. There was still hair and makeup and boys, but alcohol and many tears shed in bar/club bathroom were probably involved too.

The Sleepover Grows Up…

Now we are a little older and a little more mature and the sleepover has evolved once again. Jobs, daily Starbucks runs, good friends, good wine and better boys have returned some of that sleepover magic. “Let’s try it makeup sessions” have become “contour and baking lessons”, homemade egg facials are now the new “must try peel” from Sephora, boys have become boyfriends, partners or fiancés and fizzy has become Prosecco and on truly special occasions, Champagne. The sleepover has become less about sleeping bags and trying to stay up all night and more about connection, comradery, the latest downtown hotspot and just plain fun.

Join us for the Sleepover Package…

With fond memories of our own sleepover evolution, we are thrilled to offer The “Sleepover” Package at The Blush Parlour. Grab your besties and head over to Liberty Village for a night of retro fun. Think makeup, hair, bubbly and your favorite tunes! Great for bachelorettes. birthday parties or just a fun night out in the 6ix. Join us for a pre-celebration prep night that’s sure to bring you closer together and ensure those selfies are #flawless all night long!


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