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    Spring has almost, definitely, maybe sprung!

    Despite the current weather, Spring is technically here and should (actually) be here shortly with its warmer weather and milder temperatures. So, what does this mean for your beauty routine? It means you need to start working through this mantra; clean, lighten, protect and color. Say it with us!

    1. Spring Clean

    We take great care to clean our skin and hair, but what about the brushes, sponges and other tools we use daily?  Spring is an excellent time to refresh your tools and ensure they are clean and germ-free (Pro Tip – you should be doing this weekly). Allure has a great step-by-step guide and some excellent cleaner recommendations HERE. Or, if like us, your trying to go green, be sure to check out  THIS list of all-natural formulas to get those bristles sparkling clean.

    1. Get your Marie Kondo on

    We are definitely not the only ones who have recently hugged and thanked a 20-year-old t-shirt before placing it gently in a pile right? When you think of purging your closet or getting your home ready for spring, don’t overlook your makeup bag! It’s time to ditch those nearly empty products, the ones you were going to try “someday” or those heavy, dark winter hues. If you don’t use it, lose it is the gist of this great article by Vogue. It seems by freeing up space in your bag and ditching those products that don’t “spark joy” you will not only feel more organized and together, but you may just feel a bit more creative too says Makeup Artist James Kaliardos. Pro-tip: Makeup has a shelf life! Check out the general timelines HERE, but be sure to take a look at your beauty products regularly to avoid infections and skin issue.

    1. Peeling good?

    Our skin, like our bodies, gets covered up and beaten up during the winter months. Heavy creams, the constant blast of moisture draining heat and the general havoc cold reaps on our skin means that come to the end of the winter, our skin looks as dull as we tend to feel. To prep for the warmer temperatures and to (literally) put your best face forward, a light chemical peel could be in order. Not only will it help erase the damage sustained during the winter and clear out those cold, clogged pores, it will also jump start that Spring/Summer glow we crave. Don’t forget to do your research – start with this list on Yelp before you commit to a medi-spa and or procedure! Too afraid to go all the way with a medi-spa? Our very own beauty expert, Shira Ben recommends Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peel. Not only do they have an option for sensitive skin, they also dedicate a whole blog post to its use and benefits.

    1. Lighten up

    So, you’ve cleaned, purged and peeled – now be sure not to ruin your it all by sticking with those winter-necessary face creams! The warmer temperatures and more humid environ means that we can lighten up our moisturizers for the Spring and Summer months. Not sure where to start? Chatelaine knocks it out of the park with this handy Top Ten List of lightweight face creams. Get a jump start on our next Spring element by finding a moisturizer with built-in SPF. Hint – CeraVe has our vote!

    1. Spring for protection

    Did you see what we did there?!

    While we all love to bask in the glow of the sun, none of us want to resemble a leather hand bag in our later years! Don’t think it’s really that important? The Environmental Protection Agency says that 90% of our visible signs of aging come from unprotected UV exposure!  So run, don’t walk and snag one of these amazing, effective and non-white streaky sunscreens according to Women’s Health Magazine. Want more protection? Then get accessorizing! According to the fashion world, hats are among the go-to Spring accessories for this year. Check out some of our favorites HERE, along with other on-trend Spring items.

    1. Color yourself pretty

    The last stop on this Spring Beauty tour is perhaps the most fun, at least for us anyway! With lighter moisturizers and lighter makeup bags, it’s time to embark on a little shopping and get some color on that beautifully clean, glowing face! The trends for 2019 run the gauntlet between peachy pink pastels, neon greens and yellows to sparkly metallics. Check out Harper’s comprehensive list HERE!

    So you like the article but you’re still now sure who to adapt your routine? No worries! The Blush Parlour offers seasonal tutorials covering the skin/makeup essentials for the coming weather. Come out and learn all the insider tips and tricks to ensure you are looking flawless whether surrounded by snowflakes, leaves, summer heat or blooming flowers.

    The Spring Edition is on April 15th, you can register HERE.

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    Makeup and Hair Tutorial – why you need one for 2019

    Since the early days of Khol, the husband endangering days of Aqua Tofana, and the lead and bloodletting days of the renaissance, hair, and makeup has (thankfully) evolved quite a bit over the last thousand years.

    Yet, most of us are still as confused today, as our historical counterparts. Certainly, we no longer resort to using burnt matches for our eyes, egg whites for our face or worry about the impropriety of loose waves. Still, the perfect smokey eye and smooth complexion elude most of us. Never mind the perfect beach wave. Moreover, the sheer number of products and tools available leave us spinning in our makeup chairs.

    As eyeliner replaced the burnt match and foundation replaced the egg white, makeup and hair tutorials are the answer to our collective hair and makeup question. We cannot emphasize enough how much we LOVE them, their value and lasting impact.

    We get to do what we love, and help you achieve your beauty goals with selective products and tools that won’t break the bank! Still not convinced?!

    Check out our Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Hair and Makeup Tutorial!

    1. Less is actually more!

    A common misconception is that you need a ton of product to achieve your dream look. A hair or makeup tutorial should actually help you pare down on expense and number of products/tools by helping you choose ones right for your skin tone, hair composition, desired look, and lifestyle. Better yet, if you have your own preferred products our beauty experts, we will show you exactly how to use what you have and clear out what you no longer need. No massive shopping lists or overflowing makeup bags here! You will actually leave with a small list and/or trimmed down bag and know exactly how to use each product/tool to your best advantage.

    1. Flatter YOUR face!With a continuous onslaught of flawless beauty standards and “ideal” looks, it’s easy to lose sight of YOU! Our beauty team has worked with hundreds of women, all with different hair, coloring, and features. Our years of experience and beauty smarts will ensure that we help put your best face forward, with shades, tones and hair techniques that flatter YOU. Have a specific look in mind?! Perfect! Let our experts show you how to copy that look and tailor it to your distinct features and lifestyle needs.3. Hands up!

      A tutorial is a chance to ask our experts all your hair and makeup questions in real time with a hands-on demonstration to boot! You will gain insight into product and tool usage and learn techniques that will be actionable long after the appointment and every time you visit your local beauty counter. With all that knowledge in hand, you will become your own beauty expert in no time!

      4. Ch, ch, changes! So, you know about makeup and hair and have a good grasp on product and technique. No need for a tutorial, right? Think again! A hair and makeup tutorial is a great way to freshen up both your look and routine. Our beauty experts will work with you to refresh your hair and makeup game. Showing you new techniques, tricks, and innovative products! Always go for beach waves? Let’s try a boho braid! Always do a red lip? Let’s try a neutral shade! Thinking outside the box with a beauty expert will take your makeup/hair places you didn’t know you wanted to go!

    2. It’s fun! Who doesn’t love getting dolled up?! Grab your besties, hit up your favorite coffee bar and head over to our studio! Learn some great tips and tricks of the trade, while listening to some great tunes and walk out to any of the bars/restaurants in Liberty Village at the end of the lesson #nofilterready. And who doesn’t love any class where a selfie is the homework?!
    • Elegant woman in black dress

     It may seem counterintuitive to recommend a makeup/hair tutorial while talking about the perfection and purchase pressure we face. However, we promise it’s exactly what you need to navigate this crazy beauty world!

    A proper makeup and hair tutorial – like our most popular group sessions HERE and HERE. Or click HERE to book a one on one tutorial which will allow you to create a custom beauty routine that fits YOU. Armed with selected products and proper techniques, you will know exactly how to achieve the looks you want.

    Literally put your best face forward in 2019!