Surgery Free Plastic Surgery – updated winter skincare routine

Summer is behind us and we are heading into the colder months. We say goodbye to maxi dresses, eating ice-cream on the boardwalk and we welcome snow, parkas and very dry and dull looking skin.
During the winter months we typically opt for darker shades of lipstick, for lighter shades of foundation and we often forget to update out skincare routine. This is the most important part about staying beautiful during the winter months and I cannot stress it enough how beneficial this is. Not only will you be doing your skin a favour but your makeup will be easier to apply and your skin will look more radiant and a lot fresher.
This year I was on the hunt for something incredible, something hydrating enough to save me from turning into an alligator as I usually do during the winter months. I swear I am the driest human on the planet, I could swim in a pool of lard and still come out looking dry and flaky. But guess what??!! I found my holy grail!!! I have discovered the power of RODIAL products! Rodial is the first skincare brand that gives plastic surgery like results without having to endure any invasive procedures. Not only are these products truly miraculous they come in the most gorgeous packaging and offer me all the hydration I could possibly wish for.
What I am currently using:
Dragons Blood Eye Gel:
This eye gel tones and hydrates the eye contour area. Its main active ingredients are arnica and hyaluronic acid. As someone who is constantly sleep deprived and suffer from dark under eye circles this eye gel has remedied the dark circle problem and the fine lines around my eyes have basically disappeared. The best part about it is that my concealer no longer crepes when I apply it.
Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask
XXL  Hydrating mask and Plumper – Because of my dry skin issue I figured I needed to try this mask I suggest to anyone who suffers from dry skin or who does a lot of traveling to stop what they are doing right now and run out to buy this mask! I can’t put into words the remarkable difference it has made for my skin and I’ve only used it three times so far.
Stem Cell super food facial oil
Main active ingredients – vitamin complex, omegas and marula oil. This product claims to be good for dehydrated skin. And no surprises here but it is incredible I have never seen my skin react so well to a product, it drinks it up. This is a very luxurious oil that is rich and an absolute dream to apply. Unlike many other facial oils I have tried my skin absorbs it immediately so I am not left with a greasy mask of oil sitting on my face all day. My foundation is not dry and patchy anymore and I could not be more impressed by RODIAL products.
Thank you to @mrsrodial for creating these incredible products!!!



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