Stay-at-Home Skincare

The ever-fabulous Shira Ben of Stop, Drop and Makeup shares her stay-at-home skincare tips. Hint: cleanse and moisturize your skin daily (seriously ladies, no skipsies!).

Read on to find out why and get some beauty expert pro-tips and product recommendations. Plus, with only five elements to the routine, this stay-at-home skincare will be easy to start and maintain (and they won’t break the bank).

Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse!

Cleansers are the unsung heroes of the skincare world. They do so much good for our skin. They remove dirt particles, sweat, oil, drool, dust and so much more from the surface of our skin. Clean skin equals skin that is able to breathe, regenerate and maintain balanced sebum (natural oil) production. When our skin is congested it loses its ability to absorb our skincare properly and its acid mantle becomes imbalanced. This can lead to a slew of issues including premature ageing, excessive dehydration or oiliness, clogged pores and textured skin. Not exactly the stay-at-home skincare results we are aiming for!

Pro tip: A cream cleanser is the best option for almost all skin types. Creamy cleansers are gentle and effective. Use morning and night by massaging into your skin and rinse off with warm water. However, if you’re in a pinch, a cleansing towelette is another amazing option. They are so easy to use you can cleanse your skin from the comfort of your bed.
Try > Jouviance Cream Cleanser

stay-at-home skincare creamMoisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Just do it and your skin will be so grateful. Our skin loses
water throughout the day which leads to a dry and dehydrated appearance.
Moisturisers are humectants, which means they trap the moisture from
escaping and keeps it on our epidermis. This is why moisturisers give our skin a plumper firmer appearance. Not only do moisturisers feel wonderful to apply they also play an integral part in reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, balancing oil production and smoothing out skin texture.

PRO TIP: If you’re not sure what moisturiser to invest in, I highly recommend purchasing something that contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants which protect the skin from free radicals and stimulates cell regeneration and ultimately gives our skin, a radiant youthful glow. Try > Neostrata Vitamin C complex

stay-at-home-skincare honeyScrub, Scrub, Scrub!

Did you know that exfoliating will take your skin to new heights?
As we get older our skins natural ability to shed dead skin cells slows down dramatically. This layer of dead skin sits on the surface of our skin creating a barrier between our skincare and healthy new cells. Dead skin cells can also make our skin look dull and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliating twice a week will slough off your dead skin cells and reveal new healthy cells. In addition, not only will your skin will feel smoother, you will look radiant and your pores will appear smaller. Bonus? Regular exfoliating can also help combat pigmentation issues. Try > Juice Beauty Peel Spray

OR, try my DIY recipe:

Shira’s Magic Scrub
You will need: 

β˜• Coffee grinds 
Coffee is a rich source of caffeine which contains powerful antioxidant properties. It protects your skin cells from harmful free radicals and prevents premature skin ageing.

🍢 Olive Oil 
Olive oil contains fatty acids that moisturize and nourish your skin. Which makes your skin clear and glowing.

🍯 Honey 
Honey contains mild exfoliation properties that remove dead skin cells which can clog pores. It is also a natural humectant meaning, it draws moisture from the air and seals it into your skin.

How to:
βœ… Mix 2 tablespoons of each ingredient together in a bowl
βœ… Apply a thin layer to your face and massage into the skin
βœ…Rinse with warm water and then seal the pores with cold water

stay-at-home skincare masksTreat, Treat, Treat!

Not only is masking a luxurious treat, but masks also contain potent, active ingredients that give your skin a boost. Masks are amazing for targeting specific skincare concerns such as dehydrated skin. Opt for a hydrating mask as this will provide your skin with the hydration it’s craving. For oilier
complexions masks that are detoxifying or contain charcoal are best.

If you are not able to find the time to mask there are overnight sleep mask options available. This is a personal favourite because all it requires is applying and going to sleep. You can rinse off any debris during your morning shower.

Pro tip: The best time to use a skincare mask is after you exfoliate. New skin cells that are revealed after exfoliation are ready to soak up and all the resulting goodness will be amplified! Try > Black Tea overnight mask

OR, try my favourite recipe for brightening and hydration:

Shira’s Glo-up Mask
You will need:

βšͺ Sour cream x2 tablespoons
The active ingredient in Sour Cream is Lactic Acid, which is a natural gentle exfoliant which promotes new skin cell generation.

🀍 Evens out skin tone
🀍 Reduces the appearance of fine lines
🀍 Aids in moisture retention
🀍 Promotes collagen production

βšͺ Citrus juice x1 Tablespoon:
(any you have on hand, plus a bit of zest)

🀍 Vitamin C rich citrus helps destroy free radicals providing a radiant glow to your skin
🀍Citrus helps reduce the appearance of sunspots and uneven skin tone 
🀍 Vitamin C aids in your skin’s natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells. New skin cells = a fresher more radiant complexion.

βšͺ Coconut oil x1 Tablespoon:

🀍 Reduces inflammation
🀍Moisturizes the skin
🀍helping heal areas affected by blemishes.

βšͺHoney x1/2 Tablespoon: 

🀍 Honey opens up and cleanses your pores which is amazing for reducing the appearance of blackheads
🀍 It’s also rich in antioxidants, is an antiseptic, and has antibacterial properties.

How to:
βœ… Mix ingredients together in a bowl
βœ… Apply onto your face, avoiding the eyes
βœ… Leave on for 10-15 minutes
βœ…Rinse off

Protect, Protect, Protect!

YOU didn’t think I was going to talk about skincare and not mention SPF, did you? This one is considered mandatory on our stay-at-home skincare list! Pop some SPF on in the morning to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. A lot of us have taken to outside exercising and gardening and while doing so we must make sure we are protecting our skin from the sun. Sun damage can include: premature ageing, pigmentation and dark spots and potential for various types of skin cancers.

PRO TIP: Use mineral-based SPF’s as these are chemical-free and are best for our skin and our environment. Try >Juice Beauty Oil-free SPF

See? Easy, Peasy (a little lemon squeezy)

Since we don’t have access to a full spa facial treatment right now it’s time to go back to basics. Clean, nourished skin is easy to achieve at home with our stay-at-home skincare tips and will allow you to maintain a happy healthy complexion while in isolation. Are your thoughts turning to Green Beauty? Then be sure to check out our other collaboration with Shira: The Green Beauty IT List >


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