Spring Makeup Essentials

Spring has arrived!

It’s time to get the sandals out, think about hitting the gym, spruce up the house and definitely time to update what you have in your makeup bag. Winters pale foundation is about to get kicked to the curb along with all those deep purple toned lipsticks that were a hit last season.

When we think of spring fashion we think of lighter fresher hues along with fun accessories and lighter fabrics. Think about your spring makeup routine along the same lines. Fresh, playful and natural. Spring is not the season to bust out an overly dramatic smoky eye. You will have to save that for fall #sorrynotsorry.

What you will need to achieve the perfect spring look :

1 – Something pretty for your pout.  As I mentioned it’s time to put the dark lipsticks away and welcome fresher girly hues. I am really loving these amazingly cute cocktail shaker lip glosses from Lancôme. This is some of the cutest packaging I have seen in a VERY long time. I was sold the minute I saw it. Lisa Eldridge the creative director for Lancôme is coming up with some really incredible things for the line, her attention to detail and her ideas for unique packaging is outstanding. Aside from the cute package the cocktail lipstick is actually quite superb. It’s more of a gloss/tint rather than a traditional lipstick and it’s an oil treatment. These beauties are filled with nourishing ingredients such as apricot, peach and almond oils to name a few. I find that a nourishing gloss such as this is PERFECT for this time of year. A gorgeous glossy pout screams spring time. I opted for the color Wonder Melon – a sassy peachy pink color.

2- A nail polish that compliments said lip color – Nails are always very exciting at this time of year. We get to move away from dark vampy shades and start wearing gorgeous pinks, peaches and pastels. Really anything goes when it comes to spring nails. The possibilities in this department are endless ! I love the color “Princesses Rule” by OPI as a transition shade. It’s a  pretty baby pink color with a little sparkle to it. I feel that this color is easy to wear and can take your from winter blahs to spring fling over night.

3- A bronzer that you can sweep all over your face to give you a “natural” a glow – make sure you don’t overdo it. We’re talking I’ve just had a spring walk not been basking on the beach for hours. My favorite bronzer of all time is Benefit cosmetics “Hula”. It is a very iconic shade for the brand and it has really set the bar for its competitors. Hula gives the perfect sun kissed look without looking orange or powdery. The texture of the powder is almost creamy and it blends onto the skin like a dream. Sweep some Hula over your cheeks along your hairline and the slightest dusting to the bridge of your nose for the perfect spring time complexion.

4- A pretty blush –  I am a huge fan of Tartes Amazonian clay blushes, they are long wearing come in a variety of gorgeous shades and blend beautifully. I have been using the shade “blissful” for years. It’s still my all time favorite peachy pink shade and in my opinion adds a freshness to my face that many other blushes fail to do. Rule of thumb for natural makeup looks; find a blush that compliments your lipstick or gloss. If you are wearing a beautiful peachy lipstick with a pink blush it can tend to look a bit unnatural as the shades aren’t working in harmony. But if you are sporting your peachy pout with a nice peach toned blush walla a way more natural and balanced look 😉

5- A highlighter – Highlighters have really been all the rage for the past few years and it looks like they are here to stay. What it is; a highlighter is typically a powder (they do also come in creams) that are available in neutral tones. Think gold and champagne hues, they’re wonderful shimmer filled powders  which add a J-Lo looking glow to your makeup. My favorite one is MAC “soft and gentle” at times I have used others but I always seem to come back to this gorgeous pale gold one. It adds the perfect amount of artificial glow to my makeup looks 🙂

I hope you found this post helpful and I look forward to hearing what your spring time favorites are.

Shira xo


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