Single (mom) and Fabulous! A family love story…

I never found Mr. Right, or at least not yet. But I have always loved myself. Not in the Kanye West way, but in the happy with who I am and what I stand for way. As I often tell my friends – I am The One, and it’s going pretty well!
There were some great guys in university and beyond, but never great enough for me to envision happily ever after. And I was okay with that. I was happy and with a wonderful family to boot. I bought a house at 27, had a good job and was confident enough to make bold decisions with confidence and ease. Like quitting my job of 9 years and spending 5 months backpacking across South America.
It was on that momentous trip that I felt a familiar stirring. My biological clock had started ticking 3-4 years prior and I could no longer snooze it. It was time to make another life-changing decision. Would I continue to be single and fabulous, globetrotting around the world? Or were harried grocery store trips with little ones in tow be the only adventures for the foreseeable future?
I was paddling down the Amazon river (I know right?!) when I thought “I think I want to meet them” and right then and there I made my decision. I was going to be fabulous and a single Mom.
Back in Toronto, I began my journey into motherhood. With no Mr. Right on the horizon, the process was a solo mission. Over the next 12 months, I met one of my closest friends, who also a genetic counselor (score!), purchased sperm (yes, I actually have a receipt for sperm!) and went through a total of 6 rounds of insemination, either with or without hormones. I was equally terrified of either result with each test.
By January of that year, I was very pregnant. In other words, I got two for the “price” of one! I cannot tell you how happy this made me. I had always wanted two but wasn’t sure if I would go back down the rabbit hole to have a second. Also, I wanted them to be “real” siblings, not such an easy feat when you are buying sperm. My pregnancy was an easy one. Phew! And I’m a planner, so the logistics were worked out long before they arrived in September that year. The best part – it was a boy and a girl!
They turned four in September of last year and we are all doing amazing (well, most of the time, anyway). As for the kids? They are complete opposites and yet, they always have each other’s backs. Exactly as I hoped. For me, I love that all the decisions are mine to make and that the challenges of co-parenting are not an issue. Though I have other issues to be sure.
Four years later, I’m not dating or interested in dating, though I am open to the possibility of Mr. Right one day. For now, I am still fabulous and still single, but with the added title of Mom, which I think is my best one yet.
Hey Mr. Right, if you’re reading this – you’d better like to travel…

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