Prime and Prejudice

To prime or not to prime? That is the question.

In a world full of decisions this is just another one that has left us going  “well, what are we supposed to do?” And is this extra step in our makeup routine even necessary?

The answer is YES ! You definitely need to prime your face before putting on your makeup. Whether you are putting on a BB cream or a full coverage foundation, the answer is always yes.

Why ?

Primers smooth out the surface of the skin, allowing makeup application look more even. They also help with the longevity of the makeup, ensuring that your makeup stays put all day .

The reason why primers smooth out the skin is because most of them are made from silicone-based polymers which are known for their ultra smoothing effects. Silicone based products are also amazing for absorbing excess oils. Primers are formulated in such a way that they stay “active” throughout the day therefore ensuring that your skin and makeup look intact  and not greasy.

I always compare the surface of the skin to a wall in your house. If you want to paint the wall you will first prime it and fill any holes or cracks and sand away any areas that are rough and textured. Think of your skin as this wall. Before any makeup application begins, we always want to make sure that the surface is as smooth and even as possible.

There is an abundance of primers on the market and they claim to do a number of things from reducing shine to correcting discolouration. As much as I love the idea of having a huge variety of primers I don’t think it’s necessary.  The main objective of primer for me is to make the skin look hydrated, to smooth out texture and to help with the overall longevity of the makeup. Colour correcting can be done with makeup and I feel that investing in primers for colour correction is not a good way to spend your money

I typically love primers that are intended to minimize pores. I feel that I achieve the best results with primers that are labeled ‘Pore Minimizing’. These primers are heavy duty and truly make the skin look amazing. They blur imperfections fill in areas that are textured and create the perfect canvas for our foundation.


1- Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Illuminating Primer.



Best Radiance enhancing primer !

Best Radiance enhancing primer !

I know that this is a bit of a mouth full but trust me it is incredible. This new kid on the block is in my opinion the Roles Royce of illuminating primers. The ingredients are all very pure and natural, this makeup line claims to be food grade so if you want you can eat it.

The illuminating properties of this primer give dull and dry skin an instant boost of radiance which is very useful to have in my kit when I am with a client who needs to look refreshed and hydrated within minutes.

I love this primer because it is so subtle. It’s not at all an overbearing amount of shine and makes the skin look gorgeous and dewy. It also has many incredible skin care benefits as it is enriched with an age defying serum. It helps reduce wrinkles and sun spots with long term use.  I can definitely say that this is my favorite illuminating and radiance enhancing primer of the moment.

2- Lancôme La Base Pro Pore Minimizing primer:

This Pore filling primer is hands down the best that I have ever used. It makes the texture of the skin silky smooth and makeup ready.  Other pore minimizers that I have used in the past start to pill on the skin during makeup application. There is no pilling with this primer. It also has incredible mattifying properties which soak oils from the Tzone area right up.

3- Too Face Eye Shadow Primer :


Must have eyelid primer

An eye shadow primer is slightly different from primers that we use on our face as they are drier in texture. Eye shadow primers ensure that our eye makeup looks good all day. For those of us and I’m sure this is really all of us eye shadow tends to crease very easily. A good lid primer will ensure that your eyelids are a no crease zone. Eye lid primers also enhance the pigment of eye shadows making them look a lot more vibrant.

Primer vs. no primer

Primer vs. no primer

I hope you find this helpful!


Shira xo






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