Green Beauty 2020: New Year, New Routine ~ Updated IT list!

We’re a little obsessed with greening our beauty routine for 2020, so much so, that we went back to our FAVOURITE beauty maven, Shira of Stop, Drop, and Makeup to get an updated list of THE green beauty products for 2020.

Check out our updated IT list HERE and happy greening!


It’s just over two weeks into 2020 and after the fizzle and pop of the holidays and with a new decade stretched in front of us, many of us have implemented new habits; focusing on taking care of ourselves a little better (think non-toxic beauty products) and our impact on the world around us (think sustainable practices). What better way to do this than with Green Beauty – the trend for 2020!

So in this months blog, we will highlight The Blush Parlour’s favourite Green Beauty products to help turn your beauty routine eco-friendly. We will share our picks for organic and all-natural products that make us feel better about what we’re putting on our bodies and what we’re not putting into the environment. Plus, with the help of Beauty Expert Shira Ben, we de-code the terms “Natural” and “Organic” and what they mean for your personal care products.

Toronto makeup artist and beauty expert
Shira Ben

First, let us decode the terms Organic vs Natural

We asked Shira Ben, Founder and Lead Artist to decode the terms Natural and Certified Organic, here’s what she had to say.

 ‘Certified Organic’: 

Is a term that is legally binding. A company can’t put the word ‘organic’ on their label without having the certification. This ensures that when you buy ‘certified organic’ the products have been farmed without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and that at least 70% of the composition of the product is from organic sources.


Is a bit of a looser term and we do need to be a bit more wary of how it’s used. Companies do not have to outline the origin or percentage of the naturally derived ingredients they use to make their products with. Typically, we see the word natural as a marketing tool because if we take a closer look at the ingredient list the natural ingredients used are just a tiny fraction of the total list.

There is no real information or guideline as to who can use the term Natural on their labelling and I really do urge you to please read the ingredient list before purchasing. As lovely as “all-natural” sounds when buying a new beauty product, we have to make sure we aren’t just buying synthetic fillers.

Another difference between Natural and Organic is the origin of the naturally derived ingredients. The ingredients don’t have to be of the same quality as organic ones. Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and GMO ingredients can be used

So now that we’ve broken down the terms, its time to move onto the fun part…our fav green beauty companies and picks! To be super helpful, we have broken them into ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’. As ever, we only recommend products that our beauty team at The Blush Parlour love and have been proven fabulous.


Juice Beauty Logo

There would be no list without Juice Beauty (read the inspiring story HERE), THE name in organic products, Juice Beauty is Certified USDA Organic. So what does that mean exactly? In layman’s terms, the USDA organic seal is granted to products that have followed strict production rules, are in accordance with USDA organic regulations, and are overseen by authorized USDA agents. In other words, completely legit! Not to mention the fact that their products are beauty powerhouses; offering wear, results, and a price point that put them above their competitors at every turn. With exceptional results and newly designed recyclable packaging (plus sustainable farming practices), they are our top pick in the ‘Organic’ category and will ensure your clean beauty goals are met and then some.
Products: Mineral Sunscreen, Illuminating Primer, CC Cream  

Dr Hauschka Logo

Up next is Dr. Hauschka (read their story HERE). With a deep focus on sustainable farming and harvesting, along with a NATRUE certification, requiring every product to meet a guaranteed minimum percentage of natural substances and maximum percentage of derived natural substances, Dr. Hauschka has firmly established itself as an Organic dynamo. With a fabulous skincare and makeup line, you can be sure your wishes to go green will leave you feeling good and looking amazing! Products: Any of their lipsticks, Volume Mascara, Eye & Brow Palette

Bite Beauty Logo
Born and bred in Canada, Bite is the fun and naturally-derived beauty brand we’ve been waiting for! Sustainable, non-toxic and powered by nutrient-rich ingredients and superfoods, read about their testing boot camp and toxicology commitment HERE. It’s a mouthful but essentially means their products are the ultimate in clean beauty. With impactful colours, sublime textures and staying power, this makeup brand has our vote as a green beauty champion.
Products: Any of their lip products, plus their fabulous lip lab where you can customize your own lip colour


Burts Bees Logo

A natural list would be remiss in not mentioning Burt’s Bees – one of the pioneers of the trend. Their commitment to naturally derived ingredients and all-natural products has firmly put them on the green beauty map. The makeup line is full of beautiful colour palettes and a diverse range of products, with vibrancy, reliable coverage and staying power. Relying on ingredients like olive oil, beeswax, bamboo, honey and avoiding the usual suspects like parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrance, you can feel as good about using them as you will look using them.
Products: Eyeshadows, Blushes, Lipsticks

Bare Minerals Logo
Clean and green is the name of the game for beauty brand Bare Minerals, with its commitment to natural ingredients and its equal commitment to avoid chemically harmful ingredients. It focuses on eco-friendly minerals, antioxidant-rich fruit and seed extracts and some of their products are even tree/nut-free. Add to that it’s wide range of products and exceptional colour, quality, and coverage and Bare Minerals makeup is a green beauty routine staple and a great start to your clean beauty regime. Bonus? They have a program called The Good Fund, where they donate 1% of their proceeds and 1% of their employee’s time to charity programs benefitting women. Products: BarePro Foundations – hands down!

New and Notable: Evio

Evio Beauty Logo
Skincare and makeup that’s gluten, paraben and cruelty-free, made in Canada and supports The Canadian Women’s Foundation? That’s the new and notable Canadian brand, Evio. Started in Toronto the brand was created, in their own words, “with a vision for a conscious future and a mission to break stigmas with products that are good for your skin, your planet and your community.” Their origin story is both inspiring and heartwarming, you can read it at Flare.com HERE. With a diverse range of products and having newly ventured into the Cannabis beauty industry, Evio is a literally the green beauty brand to watch.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to green beauty for 2020 and that you find some inspiration from it! If you are interested in getting more fabulous tips, tricks and insider recommendations, be sure to sign up for our NEWSLETTER and book your appointment today to become a part of the #BLUSHBABE tribe!

In closing we wish you a very green 2020 ~ may it keep your skin looking fabulous, your makeup on point and the planet just a little healthier.  And be sure to watch out for next month’s newsletter all about V-day! Whether single, dating, engaged or “complicated” we will have makeup tips, in-studio specials and stories sure to get you in the mood for LOVE.


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