My 4 Tips To Getting Your Skin Wedding Ready

Let’s face it- weddings are stressful! There is a ton of work that goes into the planning, etc.. and every detail needs to be picture-perfect, especially your skin. Don’t wait until the big day to get your skin isle-ready. Check out my unique tips for achieving the most beautiful and naturally glowing skin you’ve been dreaming of!

The first thing, and by far the most important, is MOISTURIZE!

Happy, hydrated skin is the foundation for a perfect complexion. Makeup applied to moisturized skin won’t cling to patchy dry areas and will appear smooth and natural. Hydrating your skin regularly also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, hydrated skin looks way better in pictures!

Since your wedding photos are going to capture your special day and give you a lifetime of beautiful memories, it sure helps to look great in them! Start by removing makeup before cleansing your skin. I absolutely LOVE these Ole Henriksen cleansing cloths. They remove even the most stubborn of makeup so easily and gently. Then, of course, you’ll have to get a good-quality oil-based face wash. My fave is the Dior life oil to milk cleanser. It’s suitable for all skin types and is worth every penny- this formula by Dior is perfection.

Next, ditch your regular face cream and invest in serum. Why you might ask? Because serums contain smaller molecules than ordinary moisturizers, making them easily absorbed by the skin. The Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturizing Serum is amazing! It is reasonably priced and hydrates wonderfully! Once you’ve applied the serum, you can put a moisturizer on top to seal in the hydration. If I had to pick one moisturizer to slather all over myself it would definitely be Ayla Skin, which uses Macadamia Oil to instantly replenish skin hydration levels and seal moisture into the skin.

Clear skin takes time and patience. I highly recommend using a mask once or twice a week leading up to your big day. One mask does not fit all- there are different types of masks for different skin types: If you struggle with oily skin, clay is your friend! Use a clay-based mask for a matte look and feel. I like the pore purifying clay mask by Vichi the best.

If your skin is super dry, use a mask rich in hyaluronic acid. It’ll boost the moisture levels deep in your skin for long-lasting hydration. Try the Glam Glow: Thirsty Mud

The bad news is, no matter what you see in commercials, you can’t reduce the size of your pores. You can, however, lessen the depth of your pores, making them appear smaller. To get rid of dirt and blackheads, try a peel-off mask. I tried the PÜR Blue Agave Mask-Energizing Peel-off Mask and it made a huge difference!

Ladies, it is so important to exfoliate! My third tip is to exfoliate at least twice a week to remove dead skin from the surface, making product absorption more efficient. This will help clean out the pores. My pick is the Exfoliant Gentle Purifying Exfoliator by Jouviance. 


My fourth and last tip is for a part of your face we haven’t covered yet- lips! Make your first kiss extra special by having luscious and hydrated lips. Invest in a nourishing lip mask like Dr Brandt Needles No More 3D Lip Plump Fix for exceptional lipstick application. They can be a little pricey but are well worth it.

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Finally, remember that your wedding is supposed to be a HAPPY day. Don’t stress too much and follow my tips to look like the most amazing version of you!

Happy Wedding Day!
Shira xo


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