Meet the Team: Sarah and Kristi ~ the Unicorns

We love getting to know all our clients and thought it was about time we return the favor, especially considering how our team has grown over the last year. So please join us over the next few weeks as we introduce you to our incredible team and they share some funny insights and the best advice they’ve ever been given.


One of the original team members, Sarah, is our unicorn – does makeup and hair, is always excited to take a booking and makes our bridal/glam clients visions a flawless reality! We asked her a few fun and quirky questions, here’s what she had to say…

sarah marina makeup artist

Name: Sarah
NickName: Sarah Marina Jelly Beana
Born: Hamilton, ON
Live: Downtown TO
Favorite food: cheese
Coffee or tea: coffee
Red, white, rose: Rose
If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be? Australia and/or New Zealand
Hobby: reading & working out
If your life was a movie, what would the genre be? Comedy for sure, with 3 kids I’m always finding myself in questionable situations!
Best piece of advice you were given? Trust your instincts. Keep going.
Spirit animal: cat. I love relaxing and I’m very selective about which humans I love!


Kristi is our other unicorn – a hair and makeup whiz, she is constantly requested personally by our clients for the way she makes them look and feel. When she’s not glamming with us, she is snuggled up with her sweet little girl. 
Name: Kristi
NickName: Never had one. People always just felt I was a “Kristi!”
Born: Newmarket, ON
Live: Pickering, ON
Favorite food: oh So tough. Are we talking meals or dessert? For a meal, give me The Kegs prime rib dinner with garlic mashed potatoes. For desert, warm brownie with ice cream and whip cream on top.
Coffee or tea: TEA PLEASE! I’m that weird person who never liked coffee but I can spend $50 at the drop of a hat at Davids tea.
Red, white, rose: Yes, yes and yes
If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be? With my 16-month-old baby girl, Gwendolyn
Hobby: acting in community theatre, anything makeup related
If your life was a movie, what would the genre be? Romantic comedy. I’m like that quirky leading lady trying to balance everything and hitting lots of bumps along the road.
Best piece of advice you were given? I’m still waiting on it. Any suggestions?
Spirit animal: The unicorn from “Nella the Princess Night.” The Treehouse channel is on repeat at my house.
Coming up next week, we’ll introduce you to Rebecca and Leah – two of the awesome additions to our team this year!
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