Meet the Team; Jazmin & Lilly

Our newest FABULOUS recruits are Jazmin and Lilly! Jazmin is a busy mom of 3 AND a rockin’ makeup and hair artist and Lilly is a makeup and lash whiz – we are so excited to have them with us! Read on to find out a little about them, their quirks and the best advice they’ve ever been given. 


woman with three kids

Name: Jazmin
NickName: Jazz
Born: Vancouver
Live: Toronto 
Favorite food:  Sushi, Mexican and Indian!
Coffee or tea: Coffee is LIFE
Red, white, rose: Rose
If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be? Disney
Hobby: Photography and Sewing
If your life was a movie, what would the genre be? A love story
Best piece of advice you were given?  “The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home”
Spirit animal:  I would like to say something graceful or sleek and beautiful like a flamingo or a leopard… but I am more like a monkey multitasking with my 3 children hanging off me while doing everything else in life


Name: Lilly Twin
NickName: Lilz, Lillian 
Born: Toronto, Ontario 
Live: Leslieville Toronto 
Favorite food: Rice  
Coffee or tea: Tea please!
Red, white, rose: White 
If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be?: Hard choice…I LOVED Korea 
Hobby: Music, Art, DIY Crafts

Best piece of advice you were given? The only person stopping you, is you
Spirit animal: Sloth 


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