Love Story #1; The Beauty and the Older Business Man

Spark. Chemistry. Dare I say it, love at first sight. 

Who knew these things actually happened outside of The Notebook?

I had just finished a Masters in Social Work, but it was clearly not the right path for me. In a tale as old as time, after feeling completely burnt out and emotionally overwhelmed from the program and placements, I came to Toronto to get my bearings and ended up bartending.  I knew I could take my passion for all things beauty and makeup somewhere BIG, but just couldn’t figure out how. So there I was a month in Toronto, working at a bar when Paul walked in.

The chemistry was immediate and mutual.

We made small talk on that first visit and he paid and left.  The SPARKs flew again when he turned up later that week and then again, the next week.

He began coming regularly and asking me out every single time. I was wary however and turned him down every single time. He was 40, established, a mature business man as it were, and I was a 25-year-old with a big dream and a bartending job. But the chemistry remained. He came into the bar on and off for a year and asked me out every time. Eventually, I said yes, and that first date was the one of the best nights of my life.

It is now 7 years later, we are married with a beautiful little girl and plans for more children. He is still a mature businessman, but now I enjoy drinks instead of pouring them and am the proud Owner and Founder of The Blush Parlour, my big dream made real.

While parts of our relationship may be considered “unconventional” – our age gap and the fact that our daughter was at our wedding, we started in the most fairy-tale, traditional way, with an instant SPARK.

Dare I even say it, love at first sight.


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