I Won an Oscar!

Winning the 2016 Wedding Wire Couples Choice Awards isn’t exactly like winning an Oscar but to me it is. Basically this award recognizes the top 5% of wedding professionals in the area based on the following factors: excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.

I was so happy when I got the email with the news that I became very emotional. Again, I am aware that this award is not exactly a Nobel Peace Prize or an Oscar but in a way to me it is. To say that I have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into my business is an understatement. To see that the hard work is starting to pay off is one of the best feelings in the entire world!

I have been told that makeup artistry is “just a hobby” not a career. There have been many occasions when I doubted myself and thought about giving up on my vision and my dream. But, for whatever reason I didn’t and here I am today with a little business that IS thriving, the BEST clients in the world and my first “award”.

It wasn’t the easiest path to success as with anything there will always be hurdles. Now that all the hard work is paying off I am pretty proud of myself for believing that I am capable of doing what I love most and turning it into a business.

I could fill this post with every cliché and motivational quote under the sun – don’t panic I’m not going to. But, I will leave you with this: I saw this quote and image on the internet a few years ago and it has always stuck with me. Every time I have ever thought about giving up, I pull this picture up on my phone and keep on moving forward…4a63db_2e08bdd9772b451ebd4315bc9118ebfb


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