How to Choose The Right Eyeliner Style For You

Whats your eyeliner style

Your eyeliner style


When it comes to eyeliners there are many amazing products to choose from but what are the best ways to apply these fabulous liners?  Here I will discuss 4 of the most popular application techniques and how to choose which technique to use so that you can feel your most beautiful!

Simple Kohl Liner Technique

The most basic way to add definition to your eyes is by applying a simple outline of a kohl eyeliner to the edges of the lid as close to the lash line as possible.  A simple way to ensure a flawless look is to line only ½ to ¾ of the lids and then use a smudger or qtip to smudge out the liner towards the inner corner of the eye.  Be sure to blend towards the outer corner as well to complete the look.

Winged Liner

If you are going for a more glam or retro look, a winged liner can help you achieve it.  This technique will require more practice but it is a fantastic and versatile skill to add to your makeup repertoire.  The easiest way to achieve this look is to use a felt tip precision eyeliner (such as NYX) that has an extremely fine point.  Begin by tracing out a slightly smaller and shorter wing than you ultimately want to achieve and then fill in the liner area with the pen, being sure to get all the way down to the lash line. Now you can fill in the wing and use precise strokes to add a smooth edge and point at the end of your wing.  If the tip of your wing is not looking how you like, don’t panic! Simply wet a cotton swab with some micellar water and sweep along the lower edge of the wing in an outward motion to create that crisp, pointed wing. Clean up any areas that need sharpening up with a tiny bit of concealer if needed. Now you are ready for fun!

Tight Lining

For some extra oomph you can add tight lining to your winged liner or, alternatively, you can use the tight lining technique on its own to create a lovely open-eyed look.  Tight lining is where eye liner (usually a kohl type) is used to fill in the spaces between the lashes directly in the lash line and even sometimes slightly below it. To tight line your upper lids, gently hold your eyelashes up by pressing them against the upper eyelid with one finger to better expose the lash line and gently dab the liner in the spaces between lash roots.  If desired, gently swipe the liner a tiny bit below the lash line to fill in some more space and create an even more intense look.

Water Lining

The inner rim of the lower lash line is referred to as the water line, and you can complete the tight-lined look by filling in the lower water line as well.  Very gently hold down the lower lashes and glide a pencil liner over the line just above the lash line. You can find liners that are specifically made for lining the lower lashes (such as Sephora) which would also make a great pencil to use for your tight lining!


With so many product options out there, be sure to choose an eyeliner that suits your needs, such as waterproof if you are hitting the beach or a long-wearing type for those long days at the office.  A great way to still accentuate and define your eyes with a more day time appropriate look is to choose a brown shade, rather than black, which creates a more subtle and natural look which can always be added to later with a darker shade if you decide to hit the town after work!


What is your go-to eyeliner technique?  Would you try a new way of applying eyeliner?



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