Hair and Makeup Gift Guide – Boxing Day Edition

You have questions? We have answers!

Read on to find out how to book your bridal hair and makeup with The Blush Parlour.
You can also download a handy PDF version HERE.

Not sure if you need a professional team, read our blog on the 10 reasons why you do!

book your hair and makeup


Whether you heard about us from a friend, were at a wedding we glammed or found us online on our website, Facebook or Insta - DM us, fill out our contact form or email info@theblushparlour.com to get the conversation started. No pressure, no sales-y pitches, just chatting about your upcoming wedding!


During our email exchange we will provide you with our Bridal Menu for your review, which lists everything from Bridal Makeup, Bridal Parties, MOB/G makeup and any additional charges like lashes and extensions. If you would like a personalized estimate, we can do that too! Did you know? There are NO travel fees within the GTA

book your bridal hair and makeup


Love what you see and read? Think we are fabulous? Then the next step to book your bridal hair and makeup is to fill out and sign our contract. Note - you have 21 days before the big day to make any changes to numbers or services, no fees or penalties! And not to worry, you have 3 days to review and submit the contract.Β 


After the contract is filled out we will prepare your invoice and send with your required deposit amount (25%).
No surprises, no hidden fees.
Your deposit is due within 3 days, your final balance is due the day before or the day of.

book your bridal hair and makeup


Once we have your contract and deposit submitted we are all yours for the big day! We will book your bridal hair and makeup and you will receive the calendar invites for the BIG day.

We highly recommend a trial within 3 months of the big day. We will reach out within the 3 months to ask if you would like to book a trial.

Note trials are booked after 3 pm Monday to Friday or Sundays. And YES, all trials are booked with your own personal artists so you can be sure they will know and nail your look on the big day!

And finally, 3 weeks before the big day you will receive a request to book a call with our resident beauty and wedding expert Shira Ben, who will go over the scheduling and timing of the big day! Remember any changes will need to be made by this date.


We also send 2 prep sheets to help you get the most out of your hair and makeup!
One for the trial and one for the BIG day.
Both will arrive 1 week before your scheduled appointment.

Just another thing we take care of so you don't have to. We want to make it as easy and fun as possible for you to book your bridal hair and makeup with us!


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