Green Beauty: The Updated IT List

We are loving green beauty in 2020! Not only for how it helps our skin but for how it helps the environment. And you do too! With the popularity of our last post, we decided to go back to our FAVOURITE beauty Maven Shira of Stop, Drop, and Makeup to talk all things green beauty and her must-have eco-conscious products.

The Products

Hello Sunshine:

As we all know (or should!) The sun is the number one cause of premature ageing and skin cancers. Shira recommends wearing sunscreen every day, on face, neck and hands.

As she explains, “understanding the huge impact that most sunscreens have on our health and the environment is so important. The majority of sunscreens we see on the market are chemical-based and contain an ingredient called oxybenzone. It is extremely unhealthy for humans and is also destroying our coral reefs’ and aquatic wildlife.”

Not to mention that is considered a hormone disruptor and has been linked to skin cancer – ironic right?

The Recommendation: Juice Beauty SPF. Their mineral-based SPF’s will keep you and mother nature safe and protected and with a range of options from oil-free to long-wearing, plus a FABULOUS CC cream, they are THE Green Beauty SPF option.

Juice Beauty SPF

Staying Fresh:

First, the shock – Makeup wipes are the 3rd most wasteful product in the world with 20 million ending up in landfills every day! But as Shira tells us, they are also a critical part of her beauty routine, so when she found some that take the makeup off and stay out of the landfill, she was thrilled! When she stumbled on their all-natural (and ozone-safe) deodorant, she became a little obsessed!

The Recommendation: Kaia Naturals: The Vitamin Cleanse bamboo makeup remover wipes. These wipes are made from bamboo fibres and can biodegrade in as little as 60 days, plus they are soaked in nourishing honey and essential oils which simply melt off your makeup. Talk about a win-win!

The Recommendation: Effective deodorant is not optional, however, the traditional deodorants contain aluminium, sulphates and parabens, which shouldn’t be an option either. That’s why Shira is all about The Takesumi Charcoal Deodorant. The charcoal base neutralises odours keeping you fresh without any of those hormone-disrupting chemicals or ozone-destroying aerosols found in chemical deodorants.

Kaia Naturals Biodegradable Makeup Wipes
Kaia Naturals

The Companies

Meet the companies who are at the forefront of green in the beauty industry, using sustainable practices, recycling programs, and naturally/organically derived products to save our skin, out water, and reduce the waste in our landfills.

Recommendation: Shira explains “L’Occitane s a great example of a company that’s core ethics revolve around traceability and sustainability.” And they help reduce the use of single-use plastics with their recyclable refill option, which uses up to 90% less plastic than traditional packaging. Covering everything from shampoos/conditioners, to body wash, perfumes, skincare and more you can be sure all of your beauty care needs are covered!

L’Occitane Eco Refill

The Recommendation: Fruits & Passion are a company founded in Quebec; their products are, to use Shira’s exact words, “dreamy”! Last year they launched their new green beauty line, Alo. Covering a range of bath products (think soaps, lotions, bath bombs and more!), each is made with all-natural ingredients and therefore biodegradable. This means no harsh chemical run-off down the drain which is crucial for the health of the world water supply and aquatic wildlife. Plus, their packaging is also 100% recyclable

Fruits and Passion Alo line
Fruits and Passion Alo Line

The Recommendation: As a former MAC girl and lover of their cosmetics, Shira LOVES their recycling program! A fabulous initiative to beauty enthusiasts everywhere, if you trade in 6 empty MAC packages for recycling, they will gift you a full-size lipstick or eyeshadow of your choice! You can find more information about this initiative here: Back to MAC

green beauty products

It’s 2020 and now more than ever we know just how important our daily routines and lives impact the world around us. We hope that by sharing our updated green beauty IT list, you too can start greening your routine this year.

Commit to a healthier you and a healthier planet by limiting single-use plastics and harsh chemicals in your daily routine ~ we promise your skin and planet will thank you!


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