Friday Favourites: Rodial Dragon’s Blood Mask

Happy Friday!

For today’s Friday Favourite, I have to mention the Dragon’s Blood Mask by Rodial. Girls, this mask is out of control! I literally swear by it.

It is incredibly rich in hyaluronic acid and maximizes hydration in the skin. This is a must-have for people with normal to dry skin and can be used at your leisure. I apply it at least 3x per week, and it helps get rid of all my little fine lines.

I use this product daily, as it plumps up myΒ skin full of wonderful hydrating goodness, making me look younger, glowy and natural. I even use it as a primer on days that I’m feeling particularly dry. Best part- it is extremely affordable. Ladies, I promiseΒ youΒ will love Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Mask.


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