Freshen up! Why a Tutorial is EXACTLY what you need right now!

We hit 20 degrees yesterday and armed with our amazing, lightweight, yet super-powered sunscreen (check out our faves HERE) we are soaking in the sun over here at The Blush Parlour!  

Every year around this time our thoughts turn to changing over our wardrobes, getting those much-needed highlights and freshening up our glam strategy.

For freshening up your wardrobe and keeping on-trend for Spring you have to check out this fabulous list from Elle. For hair color change-ups, Allure puts together THE hair color trends for Spring HERE. And for glam strategy, there is no better way to update your glam plan than at one of our tutorials at our studio in Liberty Village.

Still not sure how it can up your beauty game? Let us count the ways …

  1. Seasonal transitions; your beauty routine, products, and palettes should adjust with the seasons in order to get the most out of your products and your skin. Lightweight summer creams will do nothing for you in Winter, except getting wasted through overuse and heavy winter creams in summer will create clogged pores and a dull complexion. And ain’t nobody got time for that! Our tutorials run all year long and are seasonally curated, so you are sure to get the best products for both the season and your skin, with a palette and techniques sure to keep you on-trend
  2. Do you ever lie in bed at night and wish that you could have all the money back you ever spent on products that didn’t work or looked terrible? No? Just us then? We do. All the time! And this is yet another reason why a tutorial might be exactly what you need. First, the products we showcase are tried, tested and true. We love them and our clients love them, and we know they deliver. Second, you try each of the products over the course of the tutorial, allowing you to see what they feel and look like on you, without the upfront expense!
  3. Not to pat ourselves on the back here, but we are really good at what we do. Our artists have decades of experience in the industry and are continually updating their techniques. During a tutorial, not only do you get to test out the products, you get the double-advantage of our expertise in application, tips, tricks, and best practices. Not to mention some bubbly, some great tunes, samples and notes and instructions to reference whenever you need – a super fun and invaluable resource if we do say so ourselves
  1. Ch, ch, changes! So, you know about makeup and hair and have a good grasp of product and technique. No need for a tutorial, right? Think again! A hair and makeup tutorial is a great way to experiment with looks outside your comfort zone and skill set. Up your makeup and hair game by trying something new, on-trend or plain old different. Always go for beach waves? Let’s try a boho braid! Always do a red lip? Let’s try a neutral shade! Thinking outside the box with a beauty expert will take your makeup/hair places you didn’t know you wanted to go!
  2. Our clients LOVE them! Like LaRoux, who had this to say, “I recently did a Hair 101 How to Style Your Hair class at the Blush Parlour and it has completely changed my haircare and styling routine. I feel much more confident in getting an easy achievable style incorporated into my routine. Total game changer for me! Thank you, Angie!” or Talia, who had this to say, “I took a makeup class with Shira and it was a game changer. Talk about tips and tricks that I didn’t have a clue about. It really elevated my makeup game. Can’t wait to take the next one!” Or finally Anne, who said, “This was a great team to work with! I had a one on one make up tutorial that went beyond my expectations. The experience was completely tailored to my look and comfort. Will be back for a holiday evening makeup tutorial!”

So now that we have you convinced and ready to join us for a tutorial, head over HERE to nab your tickets!

We can’t wait to see you there

XO The Blush Parlour


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