Finding the perfect Lipstick for your Wedding Day

Picking the perfect lipstick for your wedding day is a crucial step in creating your perfect look. I constantly have brides ask me what I think the best colour lipstick is for them to wear on their big day. After years of working with brides and seeing what works best I have created a list of my favourite Bridal Lipsticks.
Why I can’t get enough of these pretty hues? I love them because they compliment all skin tones, all my brides want to have a lush full kissable pout and these lipsticks will help you achieve just that. You will notice that the colours are all in the pinky peach and pinky blue palettes the reason being is that pink will give you a natural looking pout with a feminine pop of colour. Peach toned pinks suite brides with a warmer/ olive complexion as the peach will compliment the warmth in these skin tons while blue toned pinks will suite fairer brides who have a cooler skin tone. It’s all about finding a lipstick that compliments and enhances a brides over all look, features and skin tone.
I have a lot of brides ask me if I recommend a classic red lipstick. I ADORE red lipstick however, there are a few things to consider about this daring colour on your wedding day.
1 – Red lipstick requires a lot of maintenance. If you want your red lipstick to look fabulous all night expect to spend a lot of time in the washroom touching up. No matter how many lengths your makeup artist goes to the get that red lipstick to stay put with all the kissing, eating and drinking going on your lipstick is bound to smear.
2 – Some photographers don’t like red lips as they feel it takes away from any other colour in the pictures as the red can be overwhelming to the rest of the picture.
3 – If you don’t tend to wear red lipstick you may not feel comfortable wearing such a dramatic colour on your wedding day.
My golden rule! I want my brides to wear their makeup not the makeup to wear the bride.
So here is a list of my FAVOURITE bridal lipsticks:
1 – Spanish Pink by Tom Ford (Peach Undertone)
4a63db_15d80988679f4558bd4ef459eb7e51e42 – Nude Vanille by Tom Ford (Peach Undertone)
4a63db_2e96d4f177384a8bb7e399447296309d3 – Indian Rose by Tom Ford (Blue Undertone)
4a63db_b21a3adc7cf943f5b9884ca338c1317e4 – Rouge Coco Paradis by Chanel (Peach Undertone)
4a63db_14b3601adcb24080bf80931f5ce2bb845 – Rouge Coco Camelia by Chanel (Blue Undertone)
 6 – Hot Gossip by MAC (Peach Undertone)4a63db_b525b89ba59143f5986b6060309830ab
7 – Angel by MAC (Blue Undertone)
4a63db_b7c39c2e796148e29187b47f1837b98e8 – Dior Addict Princess (Peach Undertone)4a63db_3aba89b8380f48719a6c4dbc3bca7518

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