Blush & Veil Clip in Hair Extensions FAQ

Clip-in Hair extensions,

Blush & Veil Clip-in hair extensions


How many pieces of hair do I get with my Blush & Veil Extensions?

7 pieces of easy to use, easy to wear, clip-in hair extensions.

3 clips (2 pieces)

2 clips (3 pieces)

1 clip (2 pieces)

What are Blush & Veil Extensions made from?

100% Remy grade human hair: The highest grade in extensions on the market today. 100% Remy Grade Human hair is coveted for its ability to maintain its shiny silky appearance and styling capability for

Are Blush & Veil Extensions easy to use?

 Our unique grip-clips are easy to use and with easy-to-follow instructions, you can just clip in, style, and go! Our extensions were designed so you can wear them all day in comfort, with no tugging or discomfort.

Can I style my Blush & Veil Hair Extensions? 

 YES !!!! Blow-dry, dye, braid, curl or add waves just as you would your own hair. 

How long can my Blush & Veil Extensions last? 

 With proper care and maintenance, your hair extensions can last upwards of 5 years

Who can use Blush & Veil Hair Extensions? 

Perfect for everyone: Made of the highest quality, Blush & Veil extensions are comfortable, easy to style, and long-lasting making them perfect for effortlessly adding length and volume for a big night out, your BIG day, or for everyday use. See our blog on why you need clip-in extensions for the big day and beyond!

How do I clip them in?

Your extension set comes with 7 pieces of hair:
2x long clip pieces (3 clips)

3x medium clip pieces (2 clips)

2x small pieces (1 clip)

  • Use the pieces with the three clips (aligned with the base of your neck) and clip in at the mid-point of the back of your head.
  • Use the pieces that have 2 clips on the Crown and on either side of your head, above your
  • Lastly use the pieces with one clip just above the extensions that are above your

Remember: These are just guidelines, feel free to experiment with the positioning of your extensions. You may find that you want to clip them in differently.

How do I take my hair extensions out?

Simply pop open the clips and slide them out.

How do I take care of my hair? 


  • Treat your Blush and Veil extensions as you would your own hair
  • You can wash your extensions with shampoo and conditioner as often as you feel necessary
  • You can blow-dry, straighten, curl and even dye your extensions
  • Be gentle when combing your
  • Store your hair in the sleeve they come in, a Ziplock bag or a hatbox

Return Policy:

We are more than happy to accommodate returns on your extensions! As long as the seal sticker on the package has not been broken or tampered with and the extensions remain in the same condition and state as you received them in. You may return your Blush & VeilExtensions within 30 days of delivery. Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate returns on extensions that have been tried on and worn.


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