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    Stay-at-Home Skincare

    The ever-fabulous Shira Ben of Stop, Drop and Makeup shares her stay-at-home skincare tips. Hint: cleanse and moisturize your skin daily (seriously ladies, no skipsies!).

    Read on to find out why and get some beauty expert pro-tips and product recommendations. Plus, with only five elements to the routine, this stay-at-home skincare will be easy to start and maintain (and they won’t break the bank).

    Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse!

    Cleansers are the unsung heroes of the skincare world. They do so much good for our skin. They remove dirt particles, sweat, oil, drool, dust and so much more from the surface of our skin. Clean skin equals skin that is able to breathe, regenerate and maintain balanced sebum (natural oil) production. When our skin is congested it loses its ability to absorb our skincare properly and its acid mantle becomes imbalanced. This can lead to a slew of issues including premature ageing, excessive dehydration or oiliness, clogged pores and textured skin. Not exactly the stay-at-home skincare results we are aiming for!

    Pro tip: A cream cleanser is the best option for almost all skin types. Creamy cleansers are gentle and effective. Use morning and night by massaging into your skin and rinse off with warm water. However, if you’re in a pinch, a cleansing towelette is another amazing option. They are so easy to use you can cleanse your skin from the comfort of your bed.
    Try > Jouviance Cream Cleanser

    stay-at-home skincare creamMoisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

    Just do it and your skin will be so grateful. Our skin loses
    water throughout the day which leads to a dry and dehydrated appearance.
    Moisturisers are humectants, which means they trap the moisture from
    escaping and keeps it on our epidermis. This is why moisturisers give our skin a plumper firmer appearance. Not only do moisturisers feel wonderful to apply they also play an integral part in reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, balancing oil production and smoothing out skin texture.

    PRO TIP: If you’re not sure what moisturiser to invest in, I highly recommend purchasing something that contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants which protect the skin from free radicals and stimulates cell regeneration and ultimately gives our skin, a radiant youthful glow. Try > Neostrata Vitamin C complex

    stay-at-home-skincare honeyScrub, Scrub, Scrub!

    Did you know that exfoliating will take your skin to new heights?
    As we get older our skins natural ability to shed dead skin cells slows down dramatically. This layer of dead skin sits on the surface of our skin creating a barrier between our skincare and healthy new cells. Dead skin cells can also make our skin look dull and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliating twice a week will slough off your dead skin cells and reveal new healthy cells. In addition, not only will your skin will feel smoother, you will look radiant and your pores will appear smaller. Bonus? Regular exfoliating can also help combat pigmentation issues. Try > Juice Beauty Peel Spray

    OR, try my DIY recipe:

    Shira’s Magic Scrub
    You will need: 

    β˜• Coffee grinds 
    Coffee is a rich source of caffeine which contains powerful antioxidant properties. It protects your skin cells from harmful free radicals and prevents premature skin ageing.

    🍢 Olive Oil 
    Olive oil contains fatty acids that moisturize and nourish your skin. Which makes your skin clear and glowing.

    🍯 Honey 
    Honey contains mild exfoliation properties that remove dead skin cells which can clog pores. It is also a natural humectant meaning, it draws moisture from the air and seals it into your skin.

    How to:
    βœ… Mix 2 tablespoons of each ingredient together in a bowl
    βœ… Apply a thin layer to your face and massage into the skin
    βœ…Rinse with warm water and then seal the pores with cold water

    stay-at-home skincare masksTreat, Treat, Treat!

    Not only is masking a luxurious treat, but masks also contain potent, active ingredients that give your skin a boost. Masks are amazing for targeting specific skincare concerns such as dehydrated skin. Opt for a hydrating mask as this will provide your skin with the hydration it’s craving. For oilier
    complexions masks that are detoxifying or contain charcoal are best.

    If you are not able to find the time to mask there are overnight sleep mask options available. This is a personal favourite because all it requires is applying and going to sleep. You can rinse off any debris during your morning shower.

    Pro tip: The best time to use a skincare mask is after you exfoliate. New skin cells that are revealed after exfoliation are ready to soak up and all the resulting goodness will be amplified! Try > Black Tea overnight mask

    OR, try my favourite recipe for brightening and hydration:

    Shira’s Glo-up Mask
    You will need:

    βšͺ Sour cream x2 tablespoons
    The active ingredient in Sour Cream is Lactic Acid, which is a natural gentle exfoliant which promotes new skin cell generation.

    🀍 Evens out skin tone
    🀍 Reduces the appearance of fine lines
    🀍 Aids in moisture retention
    🀍 Promotes collagen production

    βšͺ Citrus juice x1 Tablespoon:
    (any you have on hand, plus a bit of zest)

    🀍 Vitamin C rich citrus helps destroy free radicals providing a radiant glow to your skin
    🀍Citrus helps reduce the appearance of sunspots and uneven skin tone 
    🀍 Vitamin C aids in your skin’s natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells. New skin cells = a fresher more radiant complexion.

    βšͺ Coconut oil x1 Tablespoon:

    🀍 Reduces inflammation
    🀍Moisturizes the skin
    🀍helping heal areas affected by blemishes.

    βšͺHoney x1/2 Tablespoon: 

    🀍 Honey opens up and cleanses your pores which is amazing for reducing the appearance of blackheads
    🀍 It’s also rich in antioxidants, is an antiseptic, and has antibacterial properties.

    How to:
    βœ… Mix ingredients together in a bowl
    βœ… Apply onto your face, avoiding the eyes
    βœ… Leave on for 10-15 minutes
    βœ…Rinse off

    Protect, Protect, Protect!

    YOU didn’t think I was going to talk about skincare and not mention SPF, did you? This one is considered mandatory on our stay-at-home skincare list! Pop some SPF on in the morning to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. A lot of us have taken to outside exercising and gardening and while doing so we must make sure we are protecting our skin from the sun. Sun damage can include: premature ageing, pigmentation and dark spots and potential for various types of skin cancers.

    PRO TIP: Use mineral-based SPF’s as these are chemical-free and are best for our skin and our environment. Try >Juice Beauty Oil-free SPF

    See? Easy, Peasy (a little lemon squeezy)

    Since we don’t have access to a full spa facial treatment right now it’s time to go back to basics. Clean, nourished skin is easy to achieve at home with our stay-at-home skincare tips and will allow you to maintain a happy healthy complexion while in isolation. Are your thoughts turning to Green Beauty? Then be sure to check out our other collaboration with Shira: The Green Beauty IT List >

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    Green Beauty: The Updated IT List

    We are loving green beauty in 2020! Not only for how it helps our skin but for how it helps the environment. And you do too! With the popularity of our last post, we decided to go back to our FAVOURITE beauty Maven Shira of Stop, Drop, and Makeup to talk all things green beauty and her must-have eco-conscious products.

    The Products

    Hello Sunshine:

    As we all know (or should!) The sun is the number one cause of premature ageing and skin cancers. Shira recommends wearing sunscreen every day, on face, neck and hands.

    As she explains, “understanding the huge impact that most sunscreens have on our health and the environment is so important. The majority of sunscreens we see on the market are chemical-based and contain an ingredient called oxybenzone. It is extremely unhealthy for humans and is also destroying our coral reefs’ and aquatic wildlife.”

    Not to mention that is considered a hormone disruptor and has been linked to skin cancer – ironic right?

    The Recommendation: Juice Beauty SPF. Their mineral-based SPF’s will keep you and mother nature safe and protected and with a range of options from oil-free to long-wearing, plus a FABULOUS CC cream, they are THE Green Beauty SPF option.

    Juice Beauty SPF

    Staying Fresh:

    First, the shock – Makeup wipes are the 3rd most wasteful product in the world with 20 million ending up in landfills every day! But as Shira tells us, they are also a critical part of her beauty routine, so when she found some that take the makeup off and stay out of the landfill, she was thrilled! When she stumbled on their all-natural (and ozone-safe) deodorant, she became a little obsessed!

    The Recommendation: Kaia Naturals: The Vitamin Cleanse bamboo makeup remover wipes. These wipes are made from bamboo fibres and can biodegrade in as little as 60 days, plus they are soaked in nourishing honey and essential oils which simply melt off your makeup. Talk about a win-win!

    The Recommendation: Effective deodorant is not optional, however, the traditional deodorants contain aluminium, sulphates and parabens, which shouldn’t be an option either. That’s why Shira is all about The Takesumi Charcoal Deodorant. The charcoal base neutralises odours keeping you fresh without any of those hormone-disrupting chemicals or ozone-destroying aerosols found in chemical deodorants.

    Kaia Naturals Biodegradable Makeup Wipes
    Kaia Naturals

    The Companies

    Meet the companies who are at the forefront of green in the beauty industry, using sustainable practices, recycling programs, and naturally/organically derived products to save our skin, out water, and reduce the waste in our landfills.

    Recommendation: Shira explains “L’OccitaneΒ s a great example of a company that’s core ethics revolve around traceability and sustainability.” And they help reduce the use of single-use plastics with their recyclable refill option, which uses up to 90% less plastic than traditional packaging. Covering everything from shampoos/conditioners, to body wash, perfumes, skincare and more you can be sure all of your beauty care needs are covered!

    L’Occitane Eco Refill

    The Recommendation: Fruits & Passion are a company founded in Quebec; their products are, to use Shira’s exact words, “dreamy”! Last year they launched their new green beauty line, Alo. Covering a range of bath products (think soaps, lotions, bath bombs and more!), each is made with all-natural ingredients and therefore biodegradable. This means no harsh chemical run-off down the drain which is crucial for the health of the world water supply and aquatic wildlife. Plus, their packaging is also 100% recyclable

    Fruits and Passion Alo line
    Fruits and Passion Alo Line

    The Recommendation: As a former MAC girl and lover of their cosmetics, Shira LOVES their recycling program! A fabulous initiative to beauty enthusiasts everywhere, if you trade in 6 empty MAC packages for recycling, they will gift you a full-size lipstick or eyeshadow of your choice! You can find more information about this initiative here:Β Back to MAC

    green beauty products

    It’s 2020 and now more than ever we know just how important our daily routines and lives impact the world around us. We hope that by sharing our updated green beauty IT list, you too can start greening your routine this year.

    Commit to a healthier you and a healthier planet by limiting single-use plastics and harsh chemicals in your daily routine ~ we promise your skin and planet will thank you!

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    Self-Care: A Fab List for Treating Yourself at Home!

    We have revamped our self-care blog to fit with the uncertain times we find ourselves in. Less about Valentines and more about staying in, staying safe and staying fabulous!

    Read on as we break down the TOP 10 ways to treat yourself to a little self-care at home. With both DIY and Splurge options, you’ll be sure to find something that makes your heart happy!

    Give yourself the gift of Pearly Whites

    When it comes to DIY teeth whitening there are so many options from the yummy sounding (strawberry paste) to the not so yummy sounding (apple cider vinegar rinse – the smell!). For our self-care favourite, we are going with the tried tested and true options – Activated Charcoal, Coconut Oil, and Baking Soda/Hydrogen Peroxide.

    1. Charcoal – In one of the most ironic beauty hacks out there, pitch-black activated charcoal will actually whiten teeth! As far as a DIY remedy it is not too difficult to do, though it can be quite messy (so watch those white countertops). Activated charcoal can be purchased at your local pharmacy, usually in capsule or powder form. If using capsules, open two up and add just enough water to form a paste. Gently dab (don’t rub, charcoal is abrasive and will damage enamel if rubbed) onto your teeth and leave on for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, brush your teeth clean and post that pearly white on social media!

    2. Coconut Oil – this has literally become the ULTIMATE beauty product and a quick search on the internet reveals that it does just about EVERYTHING, including teeth whitening. We cannot quite get behind the whole β€œoil pulling” thing (so not what we consider self-care!), so we suggest a simple tweak – heat a tablespoon of coconut oil until liquid, add 2 teaspoons of baking soda and throw in about 10 drops of spearmint essential oil (for flavour and antimicrobial benefits). Rub the paste over the teeth for 2 minutes and then rinse clear.

    3. Baking Soda/Hydrogen Peroxide – This list wouldn’t be complete without two of the oldest DIY teeth whitening options out there. Combine them together to make a paste to gently brush on teeth or use them individually for real results.

    Combo-paste: Mix a couple of teaspoons of baking powder with diluted (no more than 3%) Hydrogen Peroxide until it forms a paste (aiming for thick, not gritty!), gently brush on your teeth for 2 minutes, then thoroughly rinse.

    Rinse: Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide in a 1:1 ration with water (example: ΒΌ cup water and ΒΌ cup hydrogen peroxide). Swish for 30 seconds (not longer than 1 minute) and rinse thoroughly.

    SPLURGE; Bluetooth Whitening

    Not interested in spitting, gurgling or pasting and have a little money to spend? Then show yourself a little self-love with our SPLURGE option: Glo Science’s Glo Lit Teeth Whitening Tech Kit – the next evolution of teeth whitening that uses Bluetooth technology. And we LOVE the 5x whiter in 5 days promise. Get that camera ready!



    As makeup lovers and skincare enthusiasts we will always espouse the benefits of a professional facial, however, they can be pricey and for some of us, they are β€œbirthday, anniversary, special occasion” budget only. But not to worry if you can’t make it rain monthly facials because we have just the recommendation for you! Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Exfoliating Peel Spray is THE product to have in your beauty arsenal and is a great DIY-ish alternative to in-salon facials. It plumps, firms, and smooths, and resurfaces for a fraction of the cost of professional treatments, PLUS, it’s certified organic (learn more about greening your beauty routine here).
    Talk about a WIN-WIN!


    Hands down The Freeze Clinic has our vote for the best Splurge option! Using cold laser therapy, microdermabrasion, and something called cold laser panel with oxygen –  the benefits of which literally make us weak in the knees, the Cryotherapy Facial promises β€œa tighter, fresher and more luminous face for you to meet the world with.” Um, yes, please!
    Our founder and beauty expert Shira Ben had one recently and is still raving about it today. Bonus? You get $50 off if you mention Shira when you book. Shall we call this splurge-ish then?

    FACETUNE (no, not that one)…


    Skin as we all know, is oh so changeable, depending on the seasons, the day, or the time of the month (thanks Aunt Flo!). Given its chameleon-like properties, masks are essential in keeping all the variations of your skin radiant. And while Masks are not that expensive, those of us with a bend toward organic or with an eye to the environment (bye, bye single-use plastics) will appreciate these DIY mask options, covering Dull Skin, Dry Skin, and Oily skin.

    Dull Skin: Looking for a glow-up? Then look no further than your local grocery store. A Papaya, Egg White, and honey DIY mask will first exfoliate that dull skin layer and then nourish and smooth the new skin underneath. Hello gorgeous! Mix Β½ cup of mashed Papaya, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 egg white (whipped) until smooth and creamy. Spread on a clean face and wait (10-15 min) to reveal your radiant self!

    Dry Skin: For those with dry skin, think breakfast foods: Avocado, Yogurt and honey.  Undoubtedly delicious, each has properties that help to nourish, hydrate, and calm the skin. Mash ΒΌ of ripe avocado in a bowl until smooth and then add 1 teaspoon of plain organic yoghurt and Β½ teaspoon of honey. Stir into a thick, smooth paste. Get that Insta scroll finger ready and leave on for 10-15 minutes or until it dries out.

    Oily Skin: The astringent properties of the lemon, mixed with the antimicrobial elements found in the egg whites and the soothing properties of the honey make this one skin-loving DIY option for clearer, lighter skin. 1 egg white, 1 teaspoon of lemon and Β½ teaspoon of honey. Mix egg whites and lemon in a bowl until frothy, then add in the honey, stir well. Clean your face with warm water to open your pores, then with a clean cotton ball rub the mask over your face, Netflix and mask for 15 minutes

    No SPLURGE Required

    A big thanks to Sephora for making our Mask Splurges, not really splurges! Their sheet mask collection is AMAZING and covers every possible skincare need. At $8 a package, you can definitely buy in bulk and they will probably will come in at less money than some of our DIY self-love options if you can skip the other aisles that is (but who can right?!).

    It’s a good thing that this is not a video or podcast because we can’t talk with these DIY masks hardening on our faces! We hope you LOVED this list and that you are inspired to show yourself a little self-care during our current predicament.

    And for the ultimate in self-care without any of the splurge? How about your very own tutorial with Shira Ben, Founder, Lead Artist and Influencer extraordinaire over at Stop, Drop, and Makeup? Visit her on Facebook to see all of her virtual tutorials and adorable co-star!

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    Green Beauty 2020: New Year, New Routine ~ Updated IT list!

    We’re a little obsessed with greening our beauty routine for 2020, so much so, that we went back to our FAVOURITE beauty maven, Shira of Stop, Drop, and Makeup to get an updated list of THE green beauty products for 2020.

    Check out our updated IT list HERE and happy greening!


    It’s just over two weeks into 2020 and after the fizzle and pop of the holidays and with a new decade stretched in front of us, many of us have implemented new habits; focusing on taking care of ourselves a little better (think non-toxic beauty products) and our impact on the world around us (think sustainable practices). What better way to do this than with Green Beauty – the trend for 2020!

    So in this months blog, we will highlight The Blush Parlour’s favourite Green Beauty products to help turn your beauty routine eco-friendly. We will share our picks for organic and all-natural products that make us feel better about what we’re putting on our bodies and what we’re not putting into the environment. Plus, with the help of Beauty Expert Shira Ben, we de-code the terms β€œNatural” and β€œOrganic” and what they mean for your personal care products.

    Toronto makeup artist and beauty expert
    Shira Ben

    First, let us decode the terms Organic vs Natural

    We asked Shira Ben, Founder and Lead Artist to decode the terms Natural and Certified Organic, here’s what she had to say.

     β€˜Certified Organic’: 

    Is a term that is legally binding. A company can’t put the word β€˜organic’ on their label without having the certification. This ensures that when you buy β€˜certified organic’ the products have been farmed without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and that at least 70% of the composition of the product is from organic sources.


    Is a bit of a looser term and we do need to be a bit more wary of how it’s used. Companies do not have to outline the origin or percentage of the naturally derived ingredients they use to make their products with. Typically, we see the word natural as a marketing tool because if we take a closer look at the ingredient list the natural ingredients used are just a tiny fraction of the total list.

    There is no real information or guideline as to who can use the term Natural on their labelling and I really do urge you to please read the ingredient list before purchasing. As lovely as β€œall-natural” sounds when buying a new beauty product, we have to make sure we aren’t just buying synthetic fillers.

    Another difference between Natural and Organic is the origin of the naturally derived ingredients. The ingredients don’t have to be of the same quality as organic ones. Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and GMO ingredients can be used

    So now that we’ve broken down the terms, its time to move onto the fun part…our fav green beauty companies and picks! To be super helpful, we have broken them into β€˜Organic’ and β€˜Natural’. As ever, we only recommend products that our beauty team at The Blush Parlour love and have been proven fabulous.


    Juice Beauty Logo

    There would be no list without Juice Beauty (read the inspiring story HERE), THE name in organic products, Juice Beauty is Certified USDA Organic. So what does that mean exactly? In layman’s terms, the USDA organic seal is granted to products that have followed strict production rules, are in accordance with USDA organic regulations, and are overseen by authorized USDA agents. In other words, completely legit! Not to mention the fact that their products are beauty powerhouses; offering wear, results, and a price point that put them above their competitors at every turn. With exceptional results and newly designed recyclable packaging (plus sustainable farming practices), they are our top pick in the β€˜Organic’ category and will ensure your clean beauty goals are met and then some.
    Products: Mineral Sunscreen, Illuminating Primer, CC Cream  

    Dr Hauschka Logo

    Up next is Dr. Hauschka (read their story HERE). With a deep focus on sustainable farming and harvesting, along with a NATRUE certification, requiring every product to meet a guaranteed minimum percentage of natural substances and maximum percentage of derived natural substances, Dr. Hauschka has firmly established itself as an Organic dynamo. With a fabulous skincare and makeup line, you can be sure your wishes to go green will leave you feeling good and looking amazing! Products: Any of their lipsticks, Volume Mascara, Eye & Brow Palette

    Bite Beauty Logo
    Born and bred in Canada, Bite is the fun and naturally-derived beauty brand we’ve been waiting for! Sustainable, non-toxic and powered by nutrient-rich ingredients and superfoods, read about their testing boot camp and toxicology commitment HERE. It’s a mouthful but essentially means their products are the ultimate in clean beauty. With impactful colours, sublime textures and staying power, this makeup brand has our vote as a green beauty champion.
    Products: Any of their lip products, plus their fabulous lip lab where you can customize your own lip colour


    Burts Bees Logo

    A natural list would be remiss in not mentioning Burt’s Bees – one of the pioneers of the trend. Their commitment to naturally derived ingredients and all-natural products has firmly put them on the green beauty map. The makeup line is full of beautiful colour palettes and a diverse range of products, with vibrancy, reliable coverage and staying power. Relying on ingredients like olive oil, beeswax, bamboo, honey and avoiding the usual suspects like parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrance, you can feel as good about using them as you will look using them.
    Products: Eyeshadows, Blushes, Lipsticks

    Bare Minerals Logo
    Clean and green is the name of the game for beauty brand Bare Minerals, with its commitment to natural ingredients and its equal commitment to avoid chemically harmful ingredients. It focuses on eco-friendly minerals, antioxidant-rich fruit and seed extracts and some of their products are even tree/nut-free. Add to that it’s wide range of products and exceptional colour, quality, and coverage and Bare Minerals makeup is a green beauty routine staple and a great start to your clean beauty regime. Bonus? They have a program called The Good Fund, where they donate 1% of their proceeds and 1% of their employee’s time to charity programs benefitting women. Products: BarePro Foundations – hands down!

    New and Notable: Evio

    Evio Beauty Logo
    Skincare and makeup that’s gluten, paraben and cruelty-free, made in Canada and supports The Canadian Women’s Foundation? That’s the new and notable Canadian brand, Evio. Started in Toronto the brand was created, in their own words, β€œwith a vision for a conscious future and a mission to break stigmas with products that are good for your skin, your planet and your community.” Their origin story is both inspiring and heartwarming, you can read it at Flare.com HERE. With a diverse range of products and having newly ventured into the Cannabis beauty industry, Evio is a literally the green beauty brand to watch.

    We hope you enjoyed our guide to green beauty for 2020 and that you find some inspiration from it! If you are interested in getting more fabulous tips, tricks and insider recommendations, be sure to sign up for our NEWSLETTER and book your appointment today to become a part of the #BLUSHBABE tribe!

    In closing we wish you a very green 2020 ~ may it keep your skin looking fabulous, your makeup on point and the planet just a little healthier.  And be sure to watch out for next month’s newsletter all about V-day! Whether single, dating, engaged or β€œcomplicated” we will have makeup tips, in-studio specials and stories sure to get you in the mood for LOVE.

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    Meet the Team; Jazmin & Lilly

    Our newest FABULOUS recruits are Jazmin and Lilly! Jazmin is a busy mom of 3 AND a rockin’ Toronto hair and makeup artist and Lilly is a makeup and lash whiz – we are so excited to have them with us! Read on to find out a little about them, their quirks and the best advice they’ve ever been given. 

    Jazmin – hair and makeup artist

    hair and makeup artist

    Name: Jazmin
    NickName: Jazz
    Born: Vancouver
    Live: Toronto 
    Favorite food:  Sushi, Mexican and Indian!
    Coffee or tea: Coffee is LIFE
    Red, white, rose: Rose
    If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be? Disney
    Hobby: Photography and Sewing
    If your life was a movie, what would the genre be? A love story
    Best piece of advice you were given?  “The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home”
    Spirit animal:  I would like to say something graceful or sleek and beautiful like a flamingo or a leopard… but I am more like a monkey multitasking with my 3 children hanging off me while doing everything else in life

    Lilly – makeup artist

    hair and makeup artist

    Name: Lilly Twin
    NickName: Lilz, Lillian 
    Born: Toronto, Ontario 
    Live: Leslieville Toronto 
    Favorite food: Rice  
    Coffee or tea: Tea please!
    Red, white, rose: White 
    If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be?: Hard choice…I LOVED Korea 
    Hobby: Music, Art, DIY Crafts

    Best piece of advice you were given? The only person stopping you, is you
    Spirit animal: Sloth 


    Click here to schedule your booking today!

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    To Airbrush or Not To Airbrush (hint – yes!)

    The debate on the street (actually, in the beauty studio) continues … what are the benefits to airbrush makeup versus the good ol’ fashion liquid?

    First off let us preface this post by mentioning that airbrush makeup is not for everyone, if you have a very dry skin type or a mature skin then airbrush can look a little flakey. However, if you’re a good candidate with a normal to oily skin type then airbrush is definitely for you! 

    Pro # 1 

    Airbrush is a technique whereby makeup is sprayed onto the face as opposed to applied with brushes, fingers and sponges. This means it feels really light going on/ If you’re not a big fan of how a liquid foundation feels on your skin you will LOVE airbrush. It feels so light and airy you will barely notice that there’s anything on your skin.

    Pro # 2

    It keeps shine at bay for a lot longer than traditional makeup. If you are prone to shine, then airbrush will help ☺ Its formula has a higher silicone content which makes the foundation capable of staying matte and soaking up oil.

    Pro # 3 

    It lasts a lot longer. Traditional foundations have definitely come a long way and will look fab for many hours too, but airbrush has the upper hand when it comes to longevity and will look fresh and flawless for a few hours longer than its liquid counterpart. 

    Pro # 4 

    It looks GORGEOUS in pictures. Whether it’s your wedding, a fun event or a selfie-taking marathon, airbrush looks even, smooth and flawless in pictures. The main reason for this is because of that pixelated spray application = no streaks or uneven blending.

    So what does it really come down to? We think Airbrush is a FABULOUS alternative to the regular foundation; providing light, full coverage, with incredible staying power and FLAWLESS photos. Never cakey or overdone, you’ll get a perfectly smooth complexion with just the right amount of glow. #bridalglamgoals all the way!

    Ready to book? 

    Photos: Life’s Reel Photography
    Florals: Art in Bloem

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    The Benefits of Blowouts & Bubbly

    Loving all things glam and bubbly as we do, it should come as no surprise that the title of this month’s blog post is… In this post we break down the benefits of treating yourself to a blowout and a chilled glass of bubbly.

    The Benefits of Blowouts and Bubbly!

    Now some of you are laughing I’m sure, but read us out! There are actual benefits covering everything from your budget to your bathroom storage.
    Why this topic you ask? Well, each and every Friday is our Blowout and Bubbly special! Join us and you can grab a drool-worthy blowout, plus a glass of bubbly, and enjoy some great tunes, all for $35! We LOVE this idea and want to share it because we know you will too.

    Now let’s get to the science-ish…

    Benefits of a Blowout:

    1. Great hair
    Okay, this one is obvious, but we are talking beyond the fabulous styling by our talented team. Our fabulous blowouts, along with a little maintenance can last anywhere from 3-5 days. This means less styling and less heat, which will help to reduce split ends and heat damage. And less shampooing means your hair and scalp aren’t stripped of the oils they need to stay healthy. See? We’ve got you thinking now, don’t we?

    2. Budget and Bathroom Storage
    If you’ve ever spent money on hair products or purchased products from your local salon, you know this is a big one! We only use products we love and trust like Oribe, Sebastian, ​KMS, ​J​oico,​ and​ ​E​lectric London. And we have professional, top of the line hairdryers, brushes, and other tools. This means for a single blowout, we’re using hundreds of dollars worth of product and storing 5-6 bottles, plus tools. Wow right? By coming into the studio for your blowout, you save on your bottom line and your bathroom storage. So, have you booked yet?

    3. It’s all about YOU
    In our busy, busy lives it is easy to put ourselves last, but as the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup. It’s important to remember that YOU matter too and what better way to treat yourself than with a great hair day? You could do it yourself at home of course, but it’s never the same. You can’t reach all the angles our stylists can, no matter how practised you are. And so you struggle for 40 minutes, get frustrated, burn your fingers, and maybe swear. All before 9 am or before a fun night out.

    OR you can come to our little studio and enjoy a relaxing full wash and style by one of our lovely stylists. Luxuriate in a nourishing organic chia seed hear mask and scalp massage. And then enjoy a mimosa or glass of bubbly while we work our magic on your hair. Sounds sooo good right?!

    young lady smiling

    But wait – there’s MORE! Not only are blowouts good for the wallet, hair, and mind, but Bubbly is actually good for you! You’re laughing again, we know. But again, read us out…

    champagne and flowers

    Benefits of Bubbly

    1. It’s bubbly
    This one is a no brainer. It’s bubbly, delicious, and makes us feel fabulous and sophisticated. Remember that scene in The Great Gatsby, where Leonardo DiCaprio (swoon) is holding up the glass of bubbly amongst all the revelry?

    handsome man holding champagne That.

    2. Your heart and brain LOVE it
    And not just for the reasons you think. Like Red Wine, Champagne has polyphenols which are shown to lower blood pressure and prevent heart problems such as strokes and heart disease. Also, in some studies, it’s shown to increase memory and help prevent degenerative brain disorders. You’re welcome!

    3. The Skin and Skinny of it
    Bubbly is a great detoxifier, with antioxidants and lightening properties that help even out the skin tone. Ever seen a Formula One Driver? In addition, with fewer calories than wine, it’s a great choice for those who are watching their waistlines or really love pasta. Cheers!

    Essentially, we have used a lot of words to convey a single point – blowouts and bubbly ROCK! They’re good for you, your hair, your budget, your storage, your brain, skin, and waistline and well, are just plain enjoyable!

    Book yours HERE today and let’s get fabulous together!