Born This Way

I haven’t bought myself a new foundation in a while. I have been using the Dior star and Nude foundations for the longest time and I was happy with them so I figured why bother changing it up?
I like the coverage of the Star foundation for when I’m going out or feel I need heavier coverage. I use the nude for my day to day foundation, it’s got the most incredibly light texture and I just love the way it makes my skin look. But this post is about my new foundation so more about the Dior foundations later.
I had been using the Dior foundations for about a year when the Too Faced – Born This Way foundation launched.  I realise that there are dozens of foundations getting launched everyday but I am a HUGE Too Faced fan. I love that the company is against animal testing and every product I’ve used of theirs is always such incredible quality, it’s a complete dream to work with.  I also love that their packaging is always super cute. In a nutshell I’m a huge Too Faced fan so it made sense for me to want to try out this new foundation that was getting fantastic reviews from EVERYONE.
Things I love about this foundation:
Colour names : The colours are names not numbers, for example I am a “nude” in this foundation. I didn’t know that this was something I would even notice but I love it! It makes a lot more sense to me than being a #21 haha. So yes this “feature” makes me really happy and things a little less complicated when picking the correct foundation colour.

Texture : The texture of this foundation is really nice and creamy it blends beautifully and seamlessly. It does not streak at all making application a dream.

Coverage: This foundation is a solid medium for coverage, it is definitely not a light coverage and it’s not a full coverage, it’s the perfect everyday foundation it gives the skin a nice even look while not being too much.

Things I don’t love about this foundation:

Wearability: I find the Born This Way foundation a little drying for my already very dry skin :/ I find my skin looks very dry after a few hours of wearing this foundation. I mix in a couple drops of vitamin E oil to remedy this problem. The mixture of the oil and the foundation makes this foundation the PERFECT everyday foundation for me 🙂

I strongly recommend this product to anyone out there who is on the hunt for a new foundation. I feel that it would be a good fit for almost any skin type from the very dry (just add a few drops of oil) to very oily ladies.

Hope this was helpful !

Shira xo


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