Blush & Veil Clip-In Hair Extension Client Reviews

Emily Vereshchak

I purchased extensions from the Blush Parlour for my wedding day and they were perfect! The colour matched my highlighted hair very well. They were comfortable, secure, and came in varying widths which were great for an updo. I have very fine hair, and I have continued to use them since my wedding. It is great to be able to add some extra length and volume, especially for big events! I would definitely recommend these extensions.

Emily V

Olga Keren 

I used the Blush & Veil hair extensions for my wedding day hair. It was the perfect touch for the look I was going for and it blended naturally with my own hair.

clip in hair extensions

Emily Karpel

Love my Bush & Veil clip in extensions. I got them for my wedding, they were comfortable and stayed in all night. The colour match is great, and I use them regularly.

Clip in hair extensions


I absolutely love my Blush & Veil extensions. They give me added volume and length. The quality is exceptional, and the colour matches my hair perfectly.

Happy bridal ladies

Cassandra Scorfano

I love my Blush & Veil extensions! They were lightweight, comfortable and look and feel so natural. Super easy to clip in by myself as well. I’ve used them so many times since the wedding!

Blush and Veil Hair Extensions - 22"


My Blush & Veil Clip-In Extensions gave me the perfect look for my wedding day and were comfortably worn for almost 24 hours.

Dina Hai extensions


I love my new Blush & Veil hair extensions and they were such good quality and super soft. Would give more than 5 stars if I could!

clip in extensions

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If you unsure of the colour you need please email us:  info@theblushparlour.com  and we will colour match you. 


Clip In Hair Extensions