Hair and makeup trials (and why you need one!)

As your wedding day approaches, every detail matters, especially your hair and makeup. While you might have a vision of how you want to look on your big day, translating that vision into reality requires trying it out first! That’s where we come in - we bring your bridal vision to life :) 

In this post we are breaking down the reasons why a bridal trial is important.

First and foremost, a trial allows you to get to know your artist, talk about your wedding aesthetic and your perfect look. It also allows time to discuss your inspiration photos and what you do and don’t like about them. We also take past experiences of doing your day-to-day makeup or of having your hair/makeup done professionally to achieve your desired look.

By working with your artist during the trial, you can provide feedback and make adjustments until you're completely satisfied with your look. 

Secondly, a hair and makeup trial helps to alleviate any last-minute stress or surprises on your wedding day. We typically don’t wear full bridal makeup and hairstyles on a daily basis so seeing the look come together at your trial will help you make sure you like it as much in person as you do on your Pinterest board. 

Seeing the look in action will give you peace of mind. And if you do have any concerns it’s the perfect opportunity to let your artist know and they can adjust the look accordingly. 

Additionally, a trial allows you to do a “wear test” of your look. You'll have the opportunity to see how well the products hold up throughout the day.


A few tips from us to ensure a perfect trial:

  • We recommend wearing a white top or dress to get the full wedding look. 
  • If you have a shade of lipstick you’d like to test out, make sure to have it on hand! (we bring plenty of options, this is just in case you have a specific lipstick shade in mind).
  • Inspo pictures should include models who have similar hair, skin and features as yourself to avoid setting unrealistic expectations of your wedding look.

Booking a hair and makeup trial before your wedding isn't just a splurge - it's a must. It's all about guaranteeing your dream bridal look while minimizing stress and uncertainty on your special day. 

By taking the time to collaborate with your artist, address any concerns, and test the longevity of your chosen style, you'll strut down the aisle glowing and self-assured, all set to make memories that'll stick with you forever.

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