10 Awesome Wedding Day Hacks that will Save you Time and Tears

Visualise this: It’s your wedding day which is a day that you have been planning forever – or so it seems. Everything has been thought through, calculated, planned, and agonised over. You’ve picked the perfect venue, the flowers are GORGEOUS, and your dress is fit for a princess. And with all that planning and money spent on this day, you and your bridal party are finally ready to get dressed but when the zip on your maid of honour’s dress doesn’t stay up the panic sets in. You yell. “does anyone have a safety pin?” You start going around and asking others. It turns out that the front desk at the hotel is out and our very organised cousin Candice forgot her sewing kit at home. Moving forward, the limo arrives and you have to go, but her dress still isn’t staying up. You’re so fo`cused on the stress of your wedding that you are getting very frustrated and less excited than you were earlier.

Be Prepared for the for the Big Day

With weddings I find the littlest things can become a bit of a catastrophe. The big things are never really what throw a disaster in the works, it’s mainly the tiny nit picky details that leave us running around like chickens with our heads cut off.I have seen my fare share of weddings behind the scenes and I keep my kit full of all the essentials I think my brides might need. Yes I always have safety pins on hand ;)! Through my many years of experience, these are my top 10 essentials that I recommend my brides have with them for their big day (This little emergency kit so when the going gets tough you are ready for anything your wedding day might throw your way):


  1. Lipstick (for touch ups) – Anything that has a glossy texture I like for quick touch ups. I find matte textured lipsticks are a bit more challenging to reapply on the go, but anything will do.
  2.  Powder – A pressed powder is my pick over a loose powder as it is easy to reapply in any situation. compacts also usually come with built in mirrors which come in handy.
  3. Blotting papers – Keep shine at bay and can be used by all members of the bridal party who feel that they need a little freshening up.
  4. Visine – Wedding days are long and most brides get very little sleep the night before the wedding. Visine is perfect for brightening tired looking eyes in an instant!
  5. Bobby pins – These are always great to have on hand because with an intricate bridal hair style, one hair out of place can be bothersome. A little bobby pin can save a lot of future frustration .
  6. Safety pins – For use during the dress malfunction in the intro of this post.
  7. Deodorant – Who doesn’t want to smell fresh and body odour free on their wedding day ?
  8.  Kleenex – A must have for tear jerking speeches and hay fever sufferers!
  9. Hairspray – A girl’s best friend! It keeps everything in place and helps keep hair in place even against the harshest of elements.
  10. Gum – I find a lot of my brides like to have a quick chew on a piece of gum to freshen their breath before walking down the aisle for a refreshing first kiss as husband and wife.

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This is a list of items that I see my brides wishing they had time and time again. Wedding days will always have a hiccup or two (as will everything in life) but being a little bit more prepared will ease a lot of unnecessary stress.


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